How to catch and cook eel

Among the fishermen there are few fans to catch eel — it is too mysterious and go about their not so pleasant rumors. There is a perception that acne is a scavenger — this rumor discourages him to catch. Meanwhile, the eel is a predator, a scavenger, with large distances are able to smell fresh meat and blood.


Dislike, prejudices and rumors about acne caused by the shape of its body it resembles a snake and a way of life in a dark and deep waters.

Where to find the acne

Our waters are home to eels. Freshwater eel is found in rivers and in lakes. Avoids shallow waters, almost always «hangs» above the bottom. By day eels are difficult to catch — he shuns the light. The only condition for daytime eel fishing — muddy water, cloudiness and the presence of dense aquatic vegetation, proximity to places of residence to be able to feel the bait. In lakes eel prefers mud bottom in rivers — the roots of riparian trees, the flooded forest, the stone on the bottom of the pit in the riverbed.

Tackle and how to catch eel

To prepare for catching eels requires careful preparation. Fishing equipment should match the fish. Acne — strong fish, easy out of water comes out. Spinning and the coil should be strong, have to withstand heavy loads. His entire body acne clings to the rocks, the ledges at the bottom — even a small acne vivariums with the flow of forces.

All types of fishing, the best fishing of eel is a Donk — because acne — bottom-dwelling fish with durable equipment.


Because the eel is a predator, the best bait are small fish — fishing with live bait, the beam impaled on the hook worms, fish fillets, meat pieces.

The spring and its diet consists of larval insects, rainwater or manure worms, leeches.

In summer and autumn in his diet as a living and non-living small fish.

You can catch eel and plant foods — peas and beans, rice.

Cooking eel

Caught eel seasoned with salt — this will help to remove the mucus. Then rinsed and dried, gutted. From head to tail, remove the fillet, cut into serving pieces of about 10 centimeters . The pieces of eel prick with a small sharp wooden sticks to fillet does not curdle when cooking. Prepared fish in the steamer for 10 minutes.Then take wooden skewers and douse the fillets in ice water.

Fry the pieces of eel grilled on both sides periodically basting with marinade to taste.

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