How to catch a trophy pike?

Despite the fact that big fish are now rare, this does not mean that it does not. Many anglers, the question arises: «What am I doing wrong and why I get only small fish?». The thing is that before fishing, do not expect serious instances, and on a trifle, because it is more real than «the majors». Given this, anglers use the methods taken to arrest small fish, and this reduces real chances to catch a big. Fisherman often incorrectly selects the fishery.

For example, very often anglers fish from the shore, on lures up to 10 inches in length, using light stick. On arrival home, they begin to complain that «pulled» the rats, large fish there. Of course, where in the coastal zone will take the big deal and why would he attack such a small bait? Of course, there are times when trophy fish are caught and in shallow water, catching all the bait in a row, both small and large, but this happens very rarely.

Big fish you need to catch, given certain rules. For starters, let’s decide what fish you believe is great. Some anglers perceive a pike weighing 5-7 kg as average, and for someone and 3 kg is a great trophy. So where is the usual trophy predator?

There are 2 types of reservoirs, favorite large pike and other predatory fish. The main place is the pits, located in the riverbeds. It is a big and strong fish chooses such places. If you know that in line is the pits, it is better to go to this place. It remains to understand how to catch and fish for.

Another fishing spot is the Bay, is widely spread and overgrown with grass and reeds. In summer adult, big pike often kept in such estuaries, bays, and spills. In such reservoirs is found not only pike, but a big humpback and perch. Plus Bay is the fact that it is a pike lure is much easier than from the pit. Derestimate in the Gulf pike often does not come with it when you change the time of year. Minus Bay – fishing starting in may and ending September. On the pits to fishing during the entire time when the lakes are covered with ice. By the way, if the Gulf has a cane, but you catch from a boat, try to throw along the border of reeds and open water, where the accumulated «detail», there will be 100% hunting pike.

According to most experienced anglers, there are 3 ways of catching majors. To catch fish in the pits and beds, it is best to use deep crankbaits and heavy jigs. The jerking is perfect for fishing on bays. For such heavy artillery will have to tackle to use serious. For catching trophy predator should not be used «grinder», and baitcasting reels. Such coils are much better to matyora pike. Don’t forget leashes, carefully pick them, because a large specimen easily chew on a weak leash.

If you purposefully went «hunting» for big pike, then be patient. If one angler on the pond and turns to catch a significant number of shoupakou, perch and small perch, then another fisherman on the same pond a few days of fishing can catch 2-3 big ones, and sometimes less. And one hole, it is possible to sh all day, change the radii of the accusations, to do outputs, inputs, experiment with lures, wires, etc for one bite.

Do not despair if the fishing was unsuccessful, because catch – a delicate matter, requires some skill and experience.

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