How to breed worms

Worms can be propagated at home at minimal cost and without spending a lot of time. The main thing to pay attention to them and to monitor the state of the environment in which they live.

Having read on the Internet about this unusual fowl, we have to think about the complexities of keeping and feeding their wards. And then they need and so on, although in reality everything is much easier. It is said in the sense, if not to engage in such activities on an industrial scale, then trading in the market. A simple fisherman enough to provide themselves with bait, and not to buy them from traders in the Bazaar for decent money, and the prices they are outer.

Where to start? You need to decide your needs in the amount of such bait. In the first year, as a trial version, it is possible to give this lesson a minimum of space. If you have a balcony, and even glazed, it’s just a great option. The main thing is to win the wife had this piece of space. A total area of 1 meter would be sufficient, but if the boxes have tiers, then even better. You need to know that in nature the number of individuals per 1 square meter can vary from 100 pieces to 20,000.

That can be used for their maintenance. A suitable plastic boxes, various containers, pallets. You can use buckets, for example, putty and other construction materials. Enough to give them a wash and trim the height of 20-25 cm. In the bottom you can neverlet holes for drainage, so excess moisture does not accumulate.

Where to take soil themselves and our children? Never buy land in stores. It can also contain various fertilizers and supplements, the larvae of flies and anything. Just take a shovel, go to the country, in the middle of the forest or to the place where it is always digging for fishing worms. Here take and bit of land. This is done for improved adaptation on a new place, and it was easier. Because they are accustomed to their place of residence. This is a more positive impact on reproduction.

Feeding does not cause much trouble. They eat almost any organic matter. The amount of feed depends on the number of individuals. Every day can eat as much as she weighs. The diet can be varied. This includes purification from potato leaves from sleep tea, coffee grounds. You can soak the newspaper and a little food. Love dry oatmeal. It is from the humidity of the land gradually swells and becomes soft. Small pieces of bread, noodles and so on. It is not necessary to add waste meat and eggs. They, like the chickens, the necessary sand, which in certain quantity can be added to food.

Now the main thing that you need to follow. Feed and loose the ground once a week. Carefully monitor the humidity. When you compress a coma, it needs just a little stick and easy to crumble. If the humidity is small, then pour from the small leechki. You can’t use chlorinated water, let the week will be defended. The most favorable temperature in the range of 25 degrees. For example, once a week poured 2-3 handfuls of Hercules, did your fingers like a rake and all gently stirred. When this occurs, the oxygen enrichment. If our children twisted in a ball, then you need to distribute them evenly throughout the mass. Can be put on top of green grass or covered with matting. Closed container roofs, but not tightly, again in order to free air trapped inside. That’s all. If such simple rules to follow, the success will be required and before the next fishing will have no problems. Of course, do not forget after fishing, unused worms to bring home.

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