How to attract carp

Carp is one of those species of fish that are better caught on tame. Bait is an important component of catching this fish. It can help to accustom the carp to any point of the reservoir, even to the part where he usually appears.


Bait and bait for carp

For bait anglers tend to use only the large grains, which is inaccessible to small fish. This can be peas, corn, barley or wheat, but millet is desirable to exclude from the list. The efficiency of this feed is increased by adding the factory, the bait mixture, ground press cake or powdered meal.

During the day the bait is thrown rarely and only in the absence of a bite. A night to drop in water nothing is impossible, otherwise there is a risk to frighten the prey. But in the evening, preparing for the night fishing, it is not necessary to feel sorry for food.

In carp bait is some of the requirements. Namely:

• It must not be tastier bait.

• Use only fresh bait. If at least one of the components of sour, carp, it will become uninteresting.

• The fish is not to overfeed, so the number better not to overdo it.

• It is desirable that the bait was white or yellow – so noticeable from a distance.

In carp fishing, great importance is the choice of bait. Even if the place is well tame, it is desirable to have at least five different nozzles. Typically, the minimum set consists of worms, maggots, bloodworm, barley and corn. By the way, the last to the surprise of many fishermen was quite attractive, and not only for carp. It willingly peck and other fish – bream, big roach and carp.

Some carpatica actively experimenting, combining candy corn with different aromatic additives. For the smell to seed you can plant and bloodworms, and to make the movable bait – maggots. When the bait is weak or non-existent, you have to constantly come up with new recipes «sandwich» in the hope that the next «dish» will appeal to the carp.

We should say about the crust of bread is also a very effective lure, which may be a long time to sink. In the intense heat and calm, that is not the best time for fishing, carp likes to climb and stand near the surface. Careful fishermen observed this phenomenon repeatedly. If possible gently throw under the nose of the carp bread crust and at the same time not to frighten him, he will sooner or later, but will definitely be interested in such a gift. When there is no ordinary bread, some instead have successfully used the pita bread and even khachapuri. The combination of baked dough with cheese can cause appetite any carp.

Creation of conditions for carp fishing

Sometimes to attract carp fishermen create the conditions in which he feels good. This fish likes deep, so the first thing is to find a deep place. Muddy or clay bottom is another of its advantages. If there is no such reservoir on the site of the future fishing pour clay. Additionally, carp selects the stations with stones and snags, where it is impossible to put a net or pull the net. These conditions it is also possible to create by throwing a few short logs loaded (linked stones). Then, you need only regular complementary feeding point located at a distance of 6-8 meters from a place. Carp will be happy to feed near the shelter. When fishing you must be careful not to let the fish pull the hook with the bait in the direction of «artificial» snags.

On the fast rivers it is expedient to build a so-called dam. This is done simple device: a few stakes with a length of not less than 3 m score until the middle of the river in two rows. The distance between the circles is approximately 80 cm. These holes twist the vine covered with brushwood to the surface of the water. This unusual design is to weaken or make it the opposite, that, in fact, need to Karp.

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