How to apply powder «crook» in the ammunition,its characteristics and dose

Gunpowder «crook» is a powder, which is produced by Ukrainian producers. This product at its core is not solid inert and high-energy supplements such as nitrate or nitroglycerin. Because these components are most likely to occur erosion of the barrel.

In order to prove the high efficiency produced by gunpowder, «crook», conducted special studies and analyses the entire production (about 200 tons), which showed good technological and ballistic stability «Crow».

If the manufacturer used quality components, which includes the powder and dosage of the powder according to certain standards and rules, only then it is possible to obtain high quality and fit the standard cartridges. Very important role plays the wad hub and how was rolled up cartridge. According to the standards determined that the powder, at a mass fraction of 35 grams, must create a minimum speed of 331 meters per second, the pressure must not exceed 680 kilograms per square centimeter, and the weight of the chosen powder is not more than 2.3 grams.

Manufacturers cartridge «crook» use a device «Barclay» in the Assembly of the cartridge, that is what must be considered a hunter when using the «crook» for personal reasons, as the sample of the powder charge must be suitable for the mass fractions and the injection cartridge.

Gunpowder «crook» has a fairly high bulk density. It gives him a lead to such types of gunpowder, like «Falcon» and «sunar», as its density is above the rest by 1.5 times.

In cartridges with the Ukrainian powder you can use steel shot, but put it in a certain amount. Remember, if You do use steel shot, do not forget to pick up a different weight powder charge. This figure differs from that needed when lead shot.

A very important point is that the weighing precision of powder «crook» must be very precise up to 0.1 grams. You cannot use volumetric pipettes that are used for a different type of powder.

If you use ammo with a bullet, the mass of the powder depends on the mass of the bullet. For example, if the mass of ball 12 gauge more than 32 grams, be sure to re-pick a lot of powder, if the weight less than 35 grams, then you can take a lot of «Kruk», which is written on the package.

Weight of gunpowder «crook» does not depend on weather conditions and time of year.

For gunpowder, you can put any padding, but not thinner than 1.5 millimeters.

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