How exactly to prey on marten harsu,habitat and hunting

How exactly to prey on marten harsu,habitat and hunting

Small and beautiful animal kharza is a species of marten which is most often found in the forest and tropics. In our country, the marten-harsu can meet Transbaikalia, the Amur and the Ussuri taiga. The first thing you pay attention at the sight of this beast is its color. This coat is quite rich in color there is no one animal that belongs to the genus of Martens. However, to see this gelegrodan animal is difficult. Kharza is quite hidden way of life and prefers to live in dense coniferous and mixed plantations and forests, on slopes or in areas with stone placers.

Kharza is a rather unusual kind of Martens. If you compare this animal with the usual forest marten, we note much larger size and unique interesting color. Weight some individuals can reach six kilograms. The head of the animal in relation to the body has a sufficiently small size. The tail of the animal has sufficiently large dimensions, and is two-thirds the length of the whole body. The wool of the animal is short, thick and shiny is a special value and painted simultaneously in a huge number of different shades. Therefore, to confuse marten harsu with some other animals simply cannot.

First of all, marten kharza is agile and brave the predator, which is characterized by great mobility. Marten, stalking the victim, may take a while to run and develop enough high speed. If necessary, in the pursuit of the beast can easily jump from tree to tree. Each such jump can reach nine metres. These animals live in pairs on trees, and when she is about to give birth, she chooses this time most of thick and impassable places. Surprisingly, males marten Harz are not interested in posterity and do not take any active participation in their cultivation. In cold winter, Martens Harz can gather in quite large flocks in order to hunt together. A flock of Martens can hunt even large prey, including deer. In the normal habitat of these animals, fairly organized come out to hunt at night, without being afraid to get close to human habitation. Animals do not only hunting, but also small gathering. As a food they like small animals, birds, the young of all ungulates and raccoon dogs.

Hunting season on marten harsu starts from mid October and lasts until mid-February. The dates of the season being watched by the heads of the hunting grounds, and vary them according to regions. In order to hunt the beast that everyone must have in their possession a permit and a single license, mandatory personal nature. These documents may be obtained at the local hunting society or industrial type. Hunters who plan to obtain such a trophy, on site, unassigned lands, should receive the documents in local governance. It is worth remembering that export outside of the state of the animal, its carcass, or fur prohibited, as animal kharza included to the international Convention that prohibits the illicit trade in rare animals.

Most suitable, effective and exciting method of hunting is considered harsu hunt by tracking. The hunter, who dared such a thing, you must have strength and endurance, and is also great to know all the habits and the nature of the beast. In addition, you need to be prepared for a long transition on winter and snowy forest. To hunt better in calm weather immediately after the end of heavy snowfall. In such conditions, you can count on the fact that the snow will remain very clearly visible traces of this large animal. In a quiet, calm weather, animal more selective in their routes, and the snow is perfectly visible traces of it.

There is another reason why hunting harsu best after a heavy snowfall. In such conditions, the animal can easily climb the branches of the trees covered by snow and forced to only move along the ground, leaving a wonderful, clear trail. Unlike mink or a marten, horse has a more elongated trail. The animal goes hunting, mostly at night and for one night it may take up to 15 km. for this reason, hunting with tracking for this animal can be a very stressful task for the unprepared hunter. In conditions of strong and constant wind, a trail of the beast very hard and to no avail. The wind tore off tree branches, the snow that hides all traces of the animal on the ground.

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