How does the weather affect biting fish

The temperature of the air and water

Water temperature greatly affects the catch of freshwater fish, thus the result of fishing. As you know, fish are cold-blooded. This means that their body does not emit heat. The result of the activity, as well as the habits of the fish on the line depend on external environmental factors.

• The temperature of the water in which fish actively eats from 14 to 18 degrees above zero for salmonids, and 21-25 degrees for carp.

• When the temperature gradually decreases and is below the seasonal norms – the fish stops eating; if the temperature drops after a hot summer days, one can observe a striking fish.

• The sudden drop in temperature of water (reduced or increased) in all species of fish lost appetite.

• If water is gradually heated in the reservoir (in the spring), fish will bite will gradually improve.

The water level

• Ate very sharply raised the water level in the pond, the fish will bite is very weak. This is due to the fact that the fish at the same time it is necessary to change its location.

• If the water in the reservoir rises gradually — very good bite can be seen on various «zapevaj» with slow flows. Most often the fish finds shelter.

• If sharply the water level in the pond was lower – they won’t bite for several days (1-3).

• If after a drought uniformly raises the water level, then this is the best time for catching fish in various ways.

• Frequent fluctuations of water level in the reservoir negatively affect the activity of aquatic life.

The color of the water

• Very muddy water fishing on the float and spinning is not effective. Although the bottom tooling can be caught an unexpected trophy.

• If the water is moderately turbid, then it is possible to fish in all ways, the bite must be at least satisfactory.

• If the water is clear so you can see the bottom) with a float rod to catch useless, even if the angler was taken on the disguise. In this case you should use gear long cast.

• If the water is muddy as a result of rotting grass and algae – biting won’t occur until a good rain. At this time the appetite to different kinds of lures in fish is greatly reduced.

The sun, moon, rain, storms, wind, clouds

• If it’s very Sunny – good luck on fishing should not be expected, especially if the sun rays at a right angle fall to the water.

• If the weather is Sunny, the best time for catching freshwater fish is the morning and evening. Very active fish will bite in the shade under trees or bushes.

• If in the sky a faint cloud – is expected to be weak biting at decrease in atmospheric pressure and Vice versa is improved with increasing.

• If the clouds are very high and are gray in color – a sign of good catches, and catch.

• Uniform warm rain is the best time for fishing.

• If the whips of cold rain with wind is better stay at home, the biting is just awful.

• Cold rain in warmer water and Vice versa – fishing in this case must succeed.

• Before the storm fishing should be pleased with their catches.

• After the storm – successful fishing, especially salmon (always slightly increasing water level).

• Strong gusty wind affects the habits of the fish. The bite is very weak.

• Quiet breeze fishing is better than a dead calm.

• When in the sky the new moon – a perfect bite.

• Full month – a wonderful time for night fishing for carp.


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