How blesnet boat

The fishing lure has a number of features, one of which is how do you or what will carry out the fishing. Or from the shore or from a boat. Today we will talk about how blesnet from the boat. On the one hand you have a big advantage over those who are on the shore as you have all the space and you can throw in center meters 50-60 and quietly to turn the coil. Unfortunately, often those who are on the beach to catch much more of those who are on the boat. They just correctly perform a throw spinners. While on the boat, do not attempt to throw farther simply stand 5-6 meters from the shore and make a throw along the coast even if it’s deep. Even better would be if the shore is growing reeds or grass and mud. Of course there blesnet harder but the effect will be on the face. The thing is that fish often habitats selects Bank reeds the edge of the coast. Of course, you can throw the spoon away, if space allows but then as soon as possible to turn the coil but, alternately slowing down to bait fish from the shore to a trap. In this case, wins the distance, and in another more efficient place. No need to throw piscolas pike or Chub, believe in the place he left but if you throw 5-6 meters further there chances a lot more. Try to swim so that would be next to no one with you was not even a spot as important silence which is easy to break, and when you have one you at least 40% more caught than in the company of other fishermen. Fish are everywhere, the main thing to do not much quiet paddle, try as little as possible to drop the oars in the water and the success is guaranteed. The main thing is patience!!!!

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