How and where to use bear bile and ways of its preservation

The use of bear bile has long gained popularity for the treatment of bowel, a variety of diseases of the stomach, jaundice, liver diseases and eye sores and abscesses from healers of the East. The bile that the females in the autumn and winter shooting is of the greatest value, as the bile bears of males is much lower. If we consider the bile just dead animal, it is a yellow-red jelly-like substance that has quite an odor, and when dried becomes thick. If the bear was killed in the spring or summer, then the properties of bile change, it is in this period of bad thickens when dried and has a more liquid consistency.

Once out of the bear skin is removed and removed the entrails, bladder with gall, which looks like a gray-green bag of about 10 cm, carefully separated. For this, the bile duct, which connects it to the liver, tie with a strong thread, and then just cut off.

After that, its surface is cleaned of residual blood and fat and hang for drying in air or in the room. Near it there should not be any strong-smelling items. Drying must not be rapid using sun, fire or furnace. Bile is dried, when the inside of the bladder becomes dense, but not solid.

This product loses its value in the presence of contamination, violations of the mode of drying, or when even a minor leak.

There is another method of preserving. In winter the bile hung out to defrost, and coal is placed a container made of metal. Cut off part of the bubble, which was bandaged, and gently poured into the container, giving bile with a little boiling to reach a condition resembling clay. Then it is removed from coal. The bubble that you need to pre-cleaned, over the fire a little dried, it needs to stay elastic. Then spoon all gall is selected from capacity, is formed in the form of flat cakes, and placed in the prepared pouch, then exit. Canned product is not liable to dryness and is not moldy.

Also, in addition to bear bile, it is possible to collect the bile and other animals, wild boar or bovids. The bile that will be used for healing purposes, should be collected only from healthy animal with no signs of various diseases.

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