How and where to fish in the winter?

How to fish in the winter?

Fishing we associate most with summer, as most fans of this hobby prefer to fish during the warm period. However, this does not mean that in winter it is impossible to fish. This is the time of year of the fish it feeds on, so you can count on a successful catch.

Where to start fishing?

Important element of winter fishing is the availability of appropriate clothing. There can be no successful catch if the fisherman is shaking from the cold. It is best to use thermoactive underwear, and if the air temperature is very low, it is better to use several sets of such clothes. Also fisherman need warm, high, covering the ankle boots, preferably waterproof. An important element of the winter suit for fishing there are warm sweaters, pants, bib, thanks to which the spin fisherman will not be secure, as well as a scarf, warm jacket and, of course, a hat. Also useful are gloves. Good to have a second pair of gloves as they can easily get wet. A high chair, on which sits a fisherman should have a thick and warm back. If the backrest is not, then a good alternative will be a blanket. You will also need a thermos of hot coffee or tea. With such weapons, you can safely go fishing.

Place for fishing in the winter

To select the best locations for fishing you need to know that in winter the fish are not fed, as it does in the warmer period of the year. Usually, the fish lives in the deeper areas where the water is several degrees warmer than on the surface. It is best to fish in ponds, not very deep waters. If you select the lake, be aware that fish may be far from shore, in deep water, completely out of reach. At such a time a fish with a special hunt looking for food. Therefore, if a long time you failed to catch anything, is to change the place of fishing.

Bait for catching fish

In winter, you should not use baits, but if you still use it should be applied in small quantities. Complementary foods need to break the peat or the clay. These two components can be downloaded into a ball, as the fish attracts the object itself, and require very little feed. The main baits can be white worms or dendrobaena. It is important to observe the correct tempo cast lures, that is, this should be done every few minutes. Prepared bait in the winter will not be as effective as in the spring, but still need to use it.

Equipment and safety for fishing in the winter

Many fine fish are caught when the pond is covered with ice. In Poland ice fishing is, above all, fishing for perch, whose catch in the winter is much easier than in warm season. They eat at this time much more active than in other periods. Before the first of January, you can catch pike and Zander and the rest of the winter to fish for roach, white bream and bream. Equipment for fishing on the ice is relatively inexpensive. The purchase of rods, reels, chairs, drill and a few other elements of the kit will allow you to spend time in the fresh air.

For drilling holes in the ice you will need a drill for ice that you make the right and safe the hole. Remember that the hole should be made so that the ice does not burst in another place.

Fishing is a hobby and a hobby that can be enjoyed all year round and each season has its own characteristics. Spearfishing Pro – this is quite a complex topic, so it doesn’t have as many fans as usual. Fishing in winter can bring a lot of impressions and pleasure. But still, in the winter you need to take special precautions while driving on ice and buy a few necessary items that cost very little but will be very useful.

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