How and where to catch carp

This is a common and major issues of fishermen-fans. What appliances catch this strong and wary fish? In early summer, this is especially true when almost any fish can be caught.

Carp – the carp family, is a cultural form of carp. Carp has a variety of mirror, naked and scaly. It is an undemanding, fast-growing and heat-loving fish, which can weigh more than 12 pounds.

Carp inhabit warm waters. Summer can tolerate water temperatures up to 35C. Ceases to feed the carp, if the water temperature is below 14C.Active it if the water temperature in the reservoir 24-25C. Feeding carp at the beginning of life plankton, then begins to feed on mollusks, larvae of aquatic insects, and worms. Summer is the best time of year for carp fishing in shallow water. The reason for this is that the main food for this fish is broke is the caddis worm and younger Joker.

On a hot day the carp is the most deep areas of the reservoir where the water is cooler at night and at dawn for food returns to the ground. In shallow areas of reservoirs usually the carp is on the border with riparian vegetation or in the Windows, and overgrown bays. Catching carp is better in warm cloudy day, especially when the breeze is blowing, before climbing into the sun at dawn, noon hours and in the evening before sunset. After a strong short-term warm rain at any time of the day, you can witness the bite. On the place of fishing need small portions to throw a lure in the form of a mixture of cereals and cake. In order to catch a big fish, preferably as bait to take several large insects, a bunch of earthworms, crayfish meat, and it is best to use a bottom bait on the basis of spinning.

Fishing for carp in the ponds. Features

Pond fishing for carp requires the correct choice of tackle, bait and accessories to be attractive to carp. Also plays an important role on the selected bid place, time and method of fishing. To get the maximum enjoyment from catching this strong and beautiful fish need to cook a simple rod with a float. For feeding, you should prepare a mixture of oatmeal, cake and millet porridge, you want to drop before catching in small amounts, but not to feed the fish and attract it to the place of fishing. For catching large fish for bait use cooked peas or corn, large grain boiled barley, large insects or a bunch of earthworms. Summer catch carp best on small areas of the pond before sunrise in the morning, in the evening. And in the afternoon within one — half hour at a deeper place. Warm cloudy days, and after a brief rain the carp are biting well on boiled mashed potatoes with bread, seasoned with a little vegetable oil. Successful fishing if for throwing the rods in the grassy strip in the channel to find an available place. The carp bite is sharp with a slip float without sinking in the sinking of the float, in these cases it is necessary to do cutting. To avoid vanishing of the cut fish is gently to bring to shore, while trying to get a fish on the surface of the water so that he swallowed air. Near the shore is good to use a net while when playing fishing line should always be vnatyazhku.

Feature carp fishing on lakes Eric and

Many anglers are interested in, you can catch carp in ponds of stagnant water, Erika, in lakes, in the afternoon, when almost no bite? What needs to be done to the fisherman? What to prepare to catch this careful and powerful fish? As it turns out, it’s possible, you just have to exercise a little ingenuity in the preparation for fishing at this time. A day carp is on the shallow areas of ponds, thickets or riparian vegetation. You need to prepare the land worms in the form of a solid dough mixture of oatmeal with cake, also may be suitable for barley and boiled corn on the cob. Lure fried or roasted millet meal place of fishing. Fishing to start in silence, prepared with changing the nozzle to start biting.

A feature catching carp on the float rod

Difficult, although very interesting exercise, which involves an exciting action – fight with the carp — strong fish, which is not always the fishing turns out to be a winner. In preparation for catching a carp should prepare a float tackle to the pond, which will be fishing, prepare the foods, different nozzles on the hook to buy a good net. You need to be a big endurance and patience for catching this beautiful strong fish. It is necessary to deliver a flexible and durable rod in the collection of float rods. For the convenience of the output process, the rod should be equipped with a coil. Fishing line on the spool should be visible and durable. Have to be with a leash to the hook, which is smaller in diameter than the fishing line on the fishing rod. The hook needs to be sharp thorn, high-strength, its size depends on the nozzle and fish, which is selected as the output. The float is preferably set, which does not scare the fish its color, for example, goose feather, and which will be clearly visible on the water, and that was very sensitive. This float silently falls on water sensitive and well visible even in the wind. Shipment of the float is done so that you can see almost half of the float on the water. For bait you can use different cereals, cake in small portions directly to the fishing and after fish harvest. The nozzle is exclusively of animal origin – a few large insects, crayfish meat, a bunch of earthworms.

Feature carp fishing ground bait

When the temperature of the water in the pond, the carp searching for food in the depths of the pond. In the warm quiet days it is possible to catch on the rocks. Carp broke actively moving in search of warm and water, which is saturated with oxygen, with good feed reserves. The best tackle in those days – a bottom fishing rod. On the bottom rods poklav determined by the bell or the end of the rod. Device donkey is different. The most productive are considered a donkey with a trough, which gives the opportunity to always keep near the hook rods fish. The rod need a flexible and powerful with the coil, a sinker is selected depending on flow rate. The feeder is mounted on the primary fishing line, leashes with young gruselle from a thin fishing line and strong hooks tied to 20 – 30 cm from the trough. Steamed cake with millet gruel used as filling bird feeders, for the nozzle used bloodworms and worms.


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