How and where to catch bass in may ?

May is the month that is associated with most anglers with the high water, flowering Crabapple and wild cherry, with a period of spawning and spring Gorom freshwater fish.

Perch is no exception. This fish spawns during the period of highest water. To spawn he goes astray in large flocks. During this period, in the pack there are individuals of all sizes. After spawning the pack again break up into relatively small groups. Each group is represented by individuals of approximately the same size.

If you believe the ichthyologists, in may and in early June, the bass consumes up to thirty percent of the annual volume of food. So, it can be used.

Where to find the bass in may?

Like any other fish, perch in the spring looking for places where, in the words of Winnie the Pooh «have something to eat.» In may, the life of almost any body of water is concentrated in the warm coastal waters. There appears first the vegetation. So, there there are the first underwater insects. There spring streams water brings worms. There is white fish. Including inexperienced but very tasty fry.

However, in shallow water perch comes to eat during periods of Jora. Sated, and perch on the greed compare with pike, perch is the place of permanent dislocation: holes, snags, underwater edge, space rifts, bridges, dams. There he continues to hunt, but not so actively, from ambush.

However, it is a theory. Fishing in may not necessarily seek shelter underwater perch. Enough at dawn to go to the beach and watch the water. Where will «boil» the water, where it will jump out of the water the fry will be at this point to be a flock of perch.

What kind of tackle to catch redfish?

In may, catches a bass on almost any tackle and any bait. He was caught using spinning, circles and spinners, float and bottom gear. But if the angler is planning to catch exclusively a predator (perch, of course, patented predator), you should pay special attention to the spinning.

Choosing spinning fishing rod you can trust directly fishing. Everyone has their own habits, their secrets and their favorite tackle. Importantly, the choke ring is allowed to do far casting, and spinning the test is suitable for the weight of the lure. System of a spinning for most anglers is subjective, and its length.

Coil desired instantaneous. The spool needs to accommodate at least 100 meters of fishing line 0.2 mm in diameter.

For lures it is worth a stop.

Selection of lures for spinning lately, striking in its splendor. So, show a fine upscale «Spinners», «the Poppers», «Mepps». However, to be honest, the nozzle in such a shame to lose during the inevitable snags!

In may do not have to use expensive nozzle. Enough rubber fish and jig head. Especially in the course of Jora perch lacking virtually any moving object is shaped like a fish.

Techniques for catching bass in may

The most effective shows itself in the spring perch of the classic «speed» wiring. For those who are still not familiar with this technique, is to explain that after the cast need to do a small jerk. Then let the bait fall to the bottom and make several turns of the coil. Particularly difficult, even for beginners, this technique is not. And in may the assurances of the experts, it works perfect.

The only thing you need to change the rhythm of the steps, depending on the activity of bass fishing circumstances. For example, to increase the speed of transactions while catching fattening bass. The advantage of the jig and bait is that it allows you to vary the depth and speed of the transaction.

The effect of weather on fishing

May weather is rarely constant. Perch, sorry – climate fish. He biting well when the pressure is quickly rising or falling. He loves heavy rain and good takes at this time in the middle layers of water and at depth.

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