How and what to hunt white grouse

Hunting white partridge begins in mid-August to mid-September. Lagopus grow quickly and by the end of summer, the weight of the young is equal to the weight of an adult bird. These birds inhabit the shores of moss bogs, where there are thickets of willow and birch. To feed partridges prefer berries wild rosemary and Heather, which in summer in a swampy area grows in abundance.

In Western Siberia partridges settle near the fields, on the banks of ponds, shrubberies and birch groves. Officially hunting on willow grouse is permitted in the autumn, as these birds belong to megagames and the death of one of the parents will prevent the emergence of brood.

Hunting for willow grouse usually start early in the morning, as soon as a little dew disappears. Continue hunting until noon, until hot, and then continue to hunt before the evening hours from four to five.

With the trained setter, you must get around all the places where supposedly can be partridges. The dog needs to be disciplined, obedient, Mature and fully obey the owner. Hunter gradually bypasses the moor, birch or willow thickets, pointer the time carefully going through the small thicket, to catch the trail of game.

Finding a brood, the dog freezes, you hear a warning cry of danger, it produces a male kuropas and birds rise in unison from their homes. Novice hunters make a mistake when they begin to shoot all the litter indiscriminately, almost without aiming, and often remain without extraction.

After a few shots, you must follow the direction of the flight of birds, they often land in the 120-150 meters from the hunter. Slowly approaching the white partridges, you may continue the shooting game, well before this sighting and determined the direction of further movement, if the birds will try to run back. Partridges usually do a run from pursuing their dogs, the male is trying to divert his pursuers from their brood. Himself a brood of grouse is a large, sometimes the number of youngsters comes to the sixteen individuals. Partridge not in a hurry to fly, often trying to escape from the earth, and sometimes rises into the air in small batches. The hunter is recommended not to rush to pick up projected production, and again to reload the gun for further shooting of the birds fly away. The fraction used under rooms 7-8 at the beginning of the hunting season, and you can further use the fraction №6.

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