How and what to hunt upland game

One of the most exciting activities for the hunter is hunting for upland game birds with wild dogs. Hunting for upland game birds such as snipe, Jack snipe, snipe, grouse, grouse, grouse, woodcock, partridge, pheasant, held in beautiful forest land and nothing can replace the vivid impressions of spring currents, they beat them black and with the song of the capercaillie, which is distributed to neighborhoods in the middle of the moor.

By preparing for hunting upland game, you must study the habits of these birds, their habitats, prepare a nondescript, comfortable clothing that won’t stand out among the trees and shrubs. Hunters during the hunting often visit remote places, where for many years no foot of man. This hunt requires that the hunter excellent ability to shoot, be ready to spend the night under the open sky in all weather conditions, excellent to navigate and quickly find the exit when meeting with a predatory beast.

Hunting upland game with dogs only be conducted if the pet is familiar with his new working conditions in the forests and accurately executes all the instructions of the owner. Many pointing dogs getting into forest land, reduce the speed of its search, and it is possible that at high latitude, the search dog will constantly be hiding from his eyes, hiding between the bushes. A good pointing dog should have simultaneously upper and lower flair, this will help your pet to quickly navigate the terrain, to be independent and just get on the trail of game birds.

A young dog can instantly disappear from the eyes and did not answer the call whistles of the hunter, and can stop before every tree for a long time and listen to the birds singing. In this case, it is recommended to first entrances into the forest to wear a dog collar with an attached rope of length 2 meters, to avoid the thick bushes and forest thicket, to give the dog the opportunity to start work in the wetlands with rare fern.

Do an excellent job in the woods all breed cops and black setters, which have an average speed, a balanced temperament and different search speed. Red setters and pointers differ in the liveliness and enthusiasm, these dogs are difficult to manage, but they’re perfectly capable of hunting in the woods and show remarkable results. For a start any dog must be experienced in working on a certain game, and then to go hunting with him.

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