How and what to hunt diving ducks

The fact that duck hunt, among Riflemen-Rifleman, became very popular, no one disputes. The majority of their prey are the usual mallards, but closer to the fall season, hunting bags the ducks replenished by the kidneys, such as: lutok, Goldeneye, tufted duck and others. Feature of doing duck dives is the fact that their place of rest is very often located in another area than where they spend the day and feed. One of the least common methods of hunting dives is hunting with the entrance on the floating means, which is most often done on the streams of small size. First, this method is not completely safe when firing. With a hunting rifle in the boat can only have one hunter that is in front of the rowing, and secondly, a restricted zone of fire, a sector which is strictly in the course of the floating means.

And third, to make a shot, you have to rise from the seat, threatening some loss of balance. From this we can conclude that to hunt ducks with an entrance a boat takes a lot of experience, patience, endurance and agility.

With some exceptions, unless the area of land, you can enter in the practice of hunting from the approach. In this case, the ducks can steal a little «dashes» when they feed the buds are covered with water. This option is available only for a small number of birds, otherwise the rest of the ducks on the water surface turns away from the fortune hunter. In all these methods, the hunter has to fire at a moving target, for this reason, it requires a precise and rapid shot or firing from a set goals. In this case, no need to panic and log-in great excitement, because mistakes can not be avoided while shooting «with hands», not controlling the rear sight. Best way to hunt for ducks-Pochards arrangement of stuffed animals, and of course the use of semolina. In this case, the first shot will be mostly sitting on the water duck, the rest will have to on rising game.

Firing at the ducks that are on the water, has its difficulties, for some reason. First, the carcass of a duck, the greater part is under water. Secondly, towards the autumn, these types of dives as tufted duck and Goldeneye, accumulate fat and become strong enough wounds. If you equip a cartridge of large shot (number three), because of the small numbers, the shot not all of them will hit the target, and eventually you’ll get a wounded animal. But to pick up wounded game, even in the presence of a very good hunting dog is a certain difficulty. Without fail, before going on a hunt, you must shoot the gun, and at the end of zeroing to know how fractional rash is deviated from the target. Essentially duck-buds, birds are very fast and compact, the flight which often happens at the surface of the water, for this reason, the hunter requires a great skill of the shooter at targets that move very fast and unusual for him.

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