How and what to catch carp

Today in the lives of men and even some women, not least the fishing. Lots of fishing rods, reels, baits, methods of fishing, gives a variety of choice and comfort this type of holiday. Will try to cover the subject of carp fishing, techniques, bait and tools to use.

Carp found in ponds, pounds, and reservoirs. Because it can be found in almost any pond, this fish species has become one of the most beloved fishermen. Caught carp easy because this fish eats a lot and eats almost everything. It can be quite large. Need when fishing for carp to keep in mind that small carp chooses one bait, medium, and large third.

Baits for carp there is a great variety. This can be manure worms, bloodworms, maggot, mastyrka, peas, soybeans, grains, beans, they can list a lot.

Consider the most popular bait. The manure worm, the moths and maggots used for bait carp very often since they are expensive to purchase and carp on a bait fished pretty well. Also, these bait can be used as a single worm, and bundles.

Also a good bait for carp will be mastyrka. The bait used in the spring and cold in autumn. And in warmer weather a good choice of bait will be legumes, soybeans, peas, corn, rye, barley and beans. Peas and corn are often used in canned form. But this kind of bait you should use early to know how and how much to stick on the hook. This type of bait should not be used if the fisherman goes fishing for carp and hopes for a fruitful catch.

You can use for bait for carp potatoes, but catch it before you definitely need to boil it in the skin and if the potato is small, then they can just stick on the hook if the potatoes are large enough, it should be cut.

As we all know, for carp anglers use heavy tackle. To place the bait in the form of a dough or porridge, need to make or buy special equipment. To make this bait the most, you can take a medium thickness wire and roll it from the spiral in descending order, so that it resembled a round or oval shape. In such equipment is to place the bait by hand to a dense state, and at the bottom of the design to put one Lil few hooks. Because of the spiral shape carp can taste the bait and deftly caught on the hook.

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