Horizontal double-barrelled gun IZH-58, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

IZH-58 was one of the most popular rifles among hunters due to the quality of the material from which it is manufactured and its characteristics. From 1987 to the present, it is analogous to the IZH — 43. The first model of this shotgun, which was L. V. Pugachev, large quantities were produced as a hunting weapon of the 20th and the 28th calibers. But due to the fact that 28 caliber was not popular, it was removed from mass production, and then began to produce the rifles of the 12th, 16th and 20th calibers. For more than 30 years of IZH-58 was improved, taking into account all needs and preferences.


This shotgun 20 gauge made from high-grade steel 50A. This weapon was produced from 1958 to 1960, inclusive. Length of barrels is 675 mm, the diameter of the barrels of 15.5 mm. and are connected in place of the conventional clutch, additionally, they throughout the length of the straps are soldered special. The length of the cartridge chamber 70 mm. moreover, the channel of the barrel and the chamber has a chrome finish. Have a double-barreled gun of this calibre muzzle contractions barrel right – polochak, and the left – chalk. The total weight of the gun IZH-58-20 2700-2900 gr.


This shotgun 16-gauge, produced from 1960 to early 1970, the Average weight of the gun was 3200gr, a barrel length of 720mm and the diameter of the barrels 17 mm. Fuse random.


That gun is 12 gauge, which began to produce since the beginning of 1971 to 1976. the weight of this gun is approximately 3200gr-3300gr. gun length 720 mm, and the trunk diameter is 18.2 mm. a Bed as in the model of IZH-58-16, pistol or straight. Also similarly, 16-gauge fuse is not automatic.

IZH-58ma, IL-58mae 12th and 16th caliber.

Based on IZH-58 since 1977, began to produce these models of guns. IZH-58-MA was awarded an automatic fuse. And IZH-58-MAY, additionally installed ejector, with the help of this device fired cartridge cases themselves off from the cartridge chamber. These guns were manufactured before 1986.


Since the beginning of 1979 started to produce this type of gun. Length of barrels of IZH-58ma-20M is 670-680 mm, and the length near the chamber 76.2 mm, Its weight is about 3300gr. the sleeve is used with a length of 76 mm, but allowed the use of the sleeve 70 mm. the majority of this brand of rifles were taken out for export.

The IZH-58 is perfect for professionals, hunting, and for fans.

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