Heavy groundbait for feeder fishing

Fishing with feeder tackle on rivers with medium and high flow rate involves the use of so-called heavy feeder groundbait. The main feature of the heavy mixture is its relatively high specific weight that allows to create a locally-aft spot on the bottom of the pond.

In addition to rivers with high flow velocity a heavy bait can be used on ponds with low water flow velocity and on the waters, with its complete absence.

On water without flow heavy bait is used to create multi-layered bait spots. In this case, the first is the application of a heavy layer of bait, which in the future are already applied layer normal, the main bait. In this case, the main purpose of the use of heavy layers is that there is a large number of feed bloodworms, which is the main delicacy for any peaceful fish. But it should be noted that the multilayer bait in standing water, usually applied only by experienced professional athletes from feeder fishing during the competition.

In terms of river fishing with a sufficient flow rate of the heavy bait performs as the retention of the moth, and the localization of the bait spots, which gives the opportunity to significantly increase the efficiency of fishing.

When Amateur fishing hard bait can be obtained in three main ways.

Buy ready made heavy bait.

This is the easiest, but not the most available and the cheapest way. Ready bait of this type produces a very limited number of manufacturers, including such famous companies as VDE and Sensas. The main drawback of purchasing this bait is its high cost, which makes recreational fishing fairly expensive undertaking.

Additive in the finished bait is ready earthen mixture.

A quick and effective way. In this embodiment, the basis can be taken cheap purchase bait mix or mix to prepare. As outerlayer component, you can use the ready ground produced by the same company VDE and Sensas. In this embodiment, it is possible to regulate the density of bait depending on the current situation on water and fishing conditions.

Additive in the finished bait is the common earth of the mixture.

The cheapest and most affordable way to create a heavy bait mixture. The base may be a ready purchase and independently prepared, the bait mixture. Soil mixture to weight you can buy in any flower shop. But at the same time, should pay close attention to the pH of the soil, which should be within the pH of pond water which is fishing.

In the last two options for self-production, the bait mixture is almost mandatory component is the use of special additives, which provide the so-called bonding and ground bait mixes. Otherwise, it is unlikely to achieve a high level of strength of the mixture that threatens the rapid leaching of basic bait and, accordingly, decrease the effectiveness of the bait on the bottom.

Well, what version of heavy groundbait to choose — apparently, it depends on the angler and on its financial possibilities and the feasibility of using one or the other.


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