Habitat and habits of the hare ,what you need to know for the most popular types of hunting him

Hunting any animal is undoubtedly more successful, if in addition to agility and accuracy to have at least a primitive idea of the desired prey, its habits. The people in our country eat rabbits in several forms:

•Hare is the most common, with grey skin for the winter is white, only the tips of the ears remain black.

•Hare bigger brother, the tail and ears longer than the hare. He doesn’t shed completely, to winter on the upper side of the tail, and the back is gray fur.

•Tholey – similar to hare small hare, but is less common. Has a lighter coat, which does not turn white in winter.

•Manchurian hare has an even smaller population. Its color is reddish-gray, sometimes quite black, winter never change.

•The wild rabbit in habits similar to birds, but lives in colonies.

All members of the species have their own territory of residence, this contributes to the differences in their conditions of existence and the composition of the feed. But they are all similar behavior in the escape from persecution. Hares from the danger of going in circles. To confuse the trail they make big leaps to the side, looping back on their trail. It also hides footprints walking on the water, on the beaten and utopianism places, stepping on the traces of other animals.

Hunting rabbits can be done in several ways:

•Hunting with the approach is the most affordable method is quite successful if a lot of hares. Hunter silently against the wind suited to the place of the lounger of the beast. Treading slowly, but we must be prepared for a quick shot, because a frightened rabbit will rise suddenly and run off very quickly.

•Ambush hunting in the late fall or early winter. Due to the darkness of the lunar night requires special care in vysmatrivaya of the beast. The essence of the method is to wait for the hare, who dared to be fed, after sitting rabbit is an easy target.

•Collective hunting for hares – surges, is carried out by two groups: shooters and beaters. Hunting more successful with a larger number of hunters. While the arrow motionless waiting for the prey, the beaters on the wind noise kicked animals on the shooters.

•Tracing – search hare on the trail, possibly with the fresh snow, when covering up old tracks. Such hunting is incredibly complex and interesting, requires a skill tracker.

•Hunting with hounds is considered a good way. The dog will easily take the track at a shallow, but heavy snow and cold up to 10 degrees. With this hunt you need calm, not to disturb the dogs. The hare scared by the dog get up in a circle and coming back to the place of couches.

If the rabbit coming at you, aim at his feet when held sideways in the head, if the distance is slightly in front of the head. Shoot only clearly visible target, otherwise you may finish off a wounded animal and get another hunter.

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