Habitat and habits of the deer or what you need to know for hunting deer from a tower and approach

At all times hunting for ungulates was considered entertainment worthy of aristocrats. Hunting deer is a hobby which requires great hunting skills and substantial exposure. No matter which hunting method is elected, the trophy goes to only keen and prepared hunter.

Hunting deer with hounds is highly appreciated by professionals. True connoisseurs know that the individual work on the beast is no less interesting and exciting if you follow the simple rules. What you need to know a hunter?

The habits of the animal and of the place of residence

Deer prefer places where you can easily find food, and quickly hide in case of danger. This can be a sparse forest with large clearings, or shrub thickets near water. In warm time of the year the deer come out to feed in the morning or evening when there is no heat. In the winter, in deep snow, the animals are fed throughout the day.

Deer, like all ungulates, have a keen ear and extraordinary reactions. To get unnoticed to a distance shot – the main task that have to deal with the hunter.

Hunting by means of a tower

Tower equip in close proximity to animal trails that lead to the watering, the salt marshes, or places of feeding deer. Compared to the ambush on the ground, the rig is more comfortable and functional way to accommodate the hunter. Its use will greatly increase the survey area and increase the chances of a successful shot.

Choosing this method of hunting deer, you should pay special attention to marksmanship. While on the tower, a chance for a second shot or harassment of the animal is completely excluded.

Hunting method approach

Is that the hunter need not only to stalk prey but also to approach it as close as possible. The skill of the tracker allows to define places of feeding deer, and the knowledge the strength and direction of the wind will help to go unnoticed on far enough for the shot.

It is important to wait until the grazing ROE deer will stand sideways in relation to the hunter. This will increase the chances of a single successful shot.

ROE is an extremely thorough and quick animal. Even a slight rustle, rustle, or strange smell will be immediately detected. Helpers for the hunter will be a little rain, fog, strong or weak wind. Dawn ROE, like most other animals, less cautious than at other times of the day.

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