Guns BENELLI SUPER SPORT, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Single-barreled repeating shotgun Benelli Super Sport is caliber 12×76 mm and a capacity of 3-5 cartridges. The total length of 131 cm, with differences in barrel length: 71 cm and 76 cm Gun has slight reduced weight: 2.8 kg. a Wide range of adjustment of the comb of the ComforTech buttstock, which is patented by Italian manufacturer Benelli Armi. Gasket, included with the gun will help to regulate died of the Lodge.

The recoil of the Benelli Super Sport reduced by estimates of developers, 48% due to gazogeneratornyh of the perforations of the barrel. To compare the quality of the selected firing shotgun Browning Gold, where the force of recoil on the shoulder below. When assessing this indicator, significant difference was not found. We should not forget about keeping the barrel, Benelli shows itself best. Speaking of great returns, a desirable refinement of the designers of Benelli Armi by the rule of «Golden mean» in two cases: when the leash and slip recoil pad-absorber. So, the choice of material of the recoil pad with a higher coefficient of friction, the gun will stick to your clothing. And leash a lightweight gun with high maneuverability it can be not every arrow: sometimes a lot of positive qualities can turn into a minus.

Shotguns gives you the opportunity to pull the trigger, unlike a rifle where you want the hook to pull. In Benelli Super Sport efforts on the trigger preferably is minimal, but when comparing this weapon, this was not observed, but rather the opposite happened. When firing both guns had to exert significant effort (about 3 kg) on the hook. By cons Benelli Super Sport is attributed the small size of the flies that will have a negative impact when shooting in dimly lit areas or weak vision of the hunter. Also there are comments on the marking of points: it is desirable to have higher intelligibility. A big plus is the choice of the shooter’s shoulder is equally good shooting from the right and left shoulder.

Hunting with a Benelli Super Sport will bring pleasure in its excellent automation, using such ammo, where the flight of the fraction with an initial velocity less than 330 m/s and «Junior» (weight of the fraction reduced).

In the end, it is worth noting that high-tech weapons Benelli Super Sport has its disadvantages and many advantages. Well-aimed shots at the hunters!

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