Gun MC-21-12 — nice and practical gun for hunting

Choosing a gun for hunting is not always simple, despite the fact that the market they represented a large number, it is possible to buy a really good option. One of the interesting variants include the shotgun MTS-21-12.

The purpose of the gun can be both Amateur and industrial. The gun has separated the movable barrel, the bore is chrome-plated. Thanks to the mounted on a separate base of the trigger with internal trigger is the ability to produce clear single shooting.

The gun is equipped with protection from accidental gunshots in the form of a lever of the fuse, which securely locks the trigger. Extraction of spent cartridges happens automatically after the shot when movement of the trunk in the front position after the movement of the shutter in the rear position the construction of the trigger, thereby reloading the gun. Shotgun MC 21-12 has at its disposal the under-barrel tubular store at 4 rounds, which is a good indicator among the other hunting rifles.

Using off razor cartridges have the ability to stop the flow of ammunition, which is not always available for Amateur hunting rifles. Trickle fixed cap review on the body shop. The forearm and butt is made of high quality sparkling walnut or beech, which ensures the gun is not only superior quality, but also gives a beautiful and expensive look of the finished product.

For identification of the gun under each customer, it can be made in several ways. The exterior finish of the gun can be made in various forms, from ordinary laser engraving in unique artistic engraving with a road inlaid with precious metals and mother of pearl shimmer, there are also versions with inlay and beautiful carvings. A diverse selection of execution ensures that your rifle is uniqueness that will make him not only weapons, but also a family heirloom.

The gun is supplied with a set of muzzle attachments that make your weapon truly versatile.

The caliber of the barrel standard is 12, barrel length is 750 mm, the mass of weapons does not exceed three kilograms and seven hundred grams, which makes the weapon comfortable and easy to use in comparison with competitors.

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