Gun MC 21 – 12, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Self-loading rifle 21 MC – 12 is the first and only semi-automatic machine with a movable barrel in the Russian Arsenal. This gun holds the title of favorite among hunters, not only for the fact that is suitable for all types of hunting, but also for sharp and accurate battle, for simplicity, a soft rebound, but for the availability of the acquisition.

Automation based on recoil barrel under the pressure of powder gases, rechargeable when you move the trunk back and forth. The barrel of the gun is movable and variable, there is also a shop for 4 rounds.

The creators cared about what would care for the 21 gun MC — 12 was simple and easy, and the gun lasts good and long service — chromasomal the shutter , the details of the firing mechanism and the barrel.

Equipped with a rifle fitted with a fuse to avoid spontaneous shots. Specifications. The gun weighs 3.2 to 3.4 kg depending on configuration.

Dimensions 1285 x 65 x 200 . The force on the trigger 1.5-2.5 kg Rifle is made of high quality steel and naturally retains a large margin of safety. In this regard, the manufacturer gives a guarantee of quality at 6500 rounds, until relatively Izhevsk plant to its products, offers a guarantee of 2500 shots. Gathering information from various sources and from personal experience we can say that after 10,000 rounds, the gun behaves unchanged.

Historical facts

The gun was created by the designer of St. A. Nikolayev. In the early years from 1956 to ‘ 64 rifle was made artificially, while there was improvement. At this time the gun was produced in the 12th, 16th and 20th calibers. In 1965, at the exhibition in Leipzig, our gun took first place and won the gold medal.


The gun is great for shooting shot and grapeshot, and of course bullet. Shot is better to hit from a distance of over 30 meters — excellent accuracy from the bird that does not remain.

Hunting for deer or wild boar — the optimal distance for the canister to 60 meters. P. S the Gun 21 MC — 12 has decent power , strong combat , great accuracy and rate of fire — follow your guns and it will not let you down. No fluff, guys. Good luck.

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