Gun Mauser its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Currently in stores the post-Soviet space are increasingly hunting rifles and rifles of the company «Mauser». As before, this weapon is very popular among hunters, because the company is historically known for its reputation and quality of weapons. The most popular right now are carbines Mauser 98’s native 7,92*57 (model KO-98m1) and the uniform variant chambered in 7.62*51(model KO-98). In fact, both models are modern versions created in 1898 rifles and served in the German army until the end of the second world war.

A bit of history. Gebruder the Mauser arms company created by the brothers Mauser, on the basis of the Royal arms factory in Oberndorf. The first rifle created by the brothers was released in 1871, and after a good shooting tests, the model was immediately adopted by the German army. Only in 1894 the factory developed the first repeating rifle. But the main success of the Mauser was associated with the creation in 1898 of the store rifle the Mauser Gewehr 98. Namely, various modifications of this rifle gave the firm Mauser to the top gun «Olympus».

Only one of the carbines Kar. 98k during the second world war was produced more than 11 million units. In the hands of the inhabitants of the Russian model rifle Mauser began to appear in the beginning of the first world war, they were awarded to the Russian soldiers as a reliable of captured weapons. Also in the early 20th century in Russia went on sale and hunting versions of mnoGoSearch.

What is the secret to the popularity of the Mauser 98 to a modern hunter, and what challenges await them? Basic models, which at the moment appeared in local stores, this modified rifle with a reactivated military warehouses. Compare them with modern models of expensive rifles pointless, but the Mauser 98 in many respects superior to its historic competitors, for example, the Russian «three-line», is also found among hunters. The main advantages of the German rifle is a good design (classic magazine rifles), excellent thrower, conveniently located handle the shutter speed mechanism shop on five cartridges, a comfortable bed, fairly mild trigger warning.

In fairness it should be noted that a large part of the Mauser 98 carbines sold in stores has the machined grooves of the cage, making it impossible to reload the store using clips. The disadvantages of the weapons include a large weight of weapons, compared to modern hunting rifles and ammunition for the problems with the 98’s. the caliber of the weapons is quite specific to the former Soviet Union and ammunition for the Mauser 98 is quite expensive. There is a variant redesigned in Tula carbines under the 7.62 mm, but unfortunately, when upgrading weapons, there has been a lot of defects, and the altered capacity of the trunk is much lower, which reduces the effective range of the rifle.

The main disadvantage of the Mauser 98 is not an automatic, lever fuse, very difficult to use and tight device. Even in normal operation to use the guard is quite difficult, and in today’s hunting, an optical sight on the rifle just needed a check guard ever touches the optics. Therefore, in this case the hunters who buy a rifle the Mauser 98, it is necessary to break a head how to install the optical sight and fit it under the fuse mechanism (for example, shortening of the checkbox).

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