Guide how to set the trap for the rabbit

Guide how to set the trap for the rabbit

The most common type of hunting hare is the method of hunting loops, however, in many countries it is banned. A way out of this situation, you can find, if you put traps on the rabbit. The trapped animal is allowed to bet, although this method of hunting while not so popular. Hunters often, the question arises, how to set a bear trap to get a good trophy.

It does not matter on which rabbit you are going to hunt, in all cases, traps are set only on hare trails. In the winter when it frosts, rabbits always leave behind trails. Experienced hunters know that the rabbits, trying to keep warm in the cold of winter, are forced to constantly run and road their lies often in the same area. Traces of hares is clearly seen in the fresh snow. Rabbit trail length does not exceed 150-200 meters and rammed it so that an adult walk on this trail on skis, will not be able to fall through between the drifts.

To set trap, you need to purchase the device itself, and additionally steel wire for hinges. Put the trap of the hunter, the most important thing was to show great desire and ingenuity. Buying traps is recommended at numbers 2-5, should immediately check the spring device, it should not be very tight, not to hurt the hare’s paw. If birds in the vicinity of the lot, then you can set traps near giromagny sites, the opposite obstacles that hare is jumping over. Such obstacles can be created artificially.

Of the trap is less likely to scare the animal. Rabbits do not have good eyesight but hearing and smell, they have a remarkably developed. The smell of the trap, which is different from the smell of the area, can alert hare. Trap wipe before installing fir branches to give it a smell of the environment.

If you set the trap on a rabbit trail, you need a way to disguise it. In this case you will help of plants, branches, hay. To further ensure a good catch, together with a trap to set a loop. It is very simple: burnt steel wire in the fire until red, then it will cease to bounce, and then form several loops and set them on a young, flexible tree.

Any of these pitfalls to disguise and to put the bait in the form of fruit or hay. Large predatory animals can also be caught using traps, as they often use rabbit trails.

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