Guide how to hunt a wolf with red flags

Guide how to hunt a wolf with red flags

The wolf is one of the major and dangerous types of wild animals. There’s a technique of hunting wolves, which uses a large number of red flags. The wolf does not distinguish between colors, all visual perception is divided into black and white colors. Red flags are used only because the red color is well visible on the background of snow and dark trees. A wild animal scared of a red flag, namely the smell that comes from him and how he is destroyed by the wind. Skeins with boxes to handle special strongly smelling means it is not necessary, just store them in the living room below from the tissue came the human scent.

Wolf hunting with flags requires careful and serious preparation. Before hunting harvest 3 km nylon cord and cut flags out of red calico. Place the pins on the cord, keeping a distance of 35-40 see hunting team goes Volchenkov on snowmobiles, wolves making night marches over a distance of a few tens of kilometers, and on skis to catch up with them on the trail will not work. As bait you can put the carcass of the dead animal.

The pursuit can last for hours, hunters must dress in appropriate clothing, warm pants, sweaters and jackets made from natural fabrics, preferably white, not much to stand out in the environment. After all the hunters are preparing yourself means of communication in the form of radios or cell phones if there is a nearby tower. Requires a clear organization of hunting and distribution of responsibilities between volcanically. While hunting you need to adhere to safety rules, and for novice hunters, if such is the command, you must have a detailed briefing.

Arms while hunting, you can use both smooth-bore and rifled. Well if at least a few hunters will be in possession of automatic rifles, it will increase the efficiency of hunting. Ammo for guns charge big buckshot, as the wolf just enough to hurt. Carbines also charged with steel bullets, they penetrate the wood and can easily finish off a wounded wolf. While hunting a wild beast you can use paleobotany the bullets when hitting the target explode and instantly knocked the wolf down.

Of course, wolf hunting with flags is not always effective. Some predators are so desperate that you jump over the obstacle and none of the check boxes can’t stop them.

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