Guide how to hunt a Fox with a decoy

Fox is a fur-bearing animal, which belongs to the family Canidae. Foxes appearance is very beautiful, the fur is rufous and black-brown. All foxes, regardless of their type, have black ears and white tail tip. Foxes are widespread almost throughout the CIS. Recently Fox hunting has become popular due to low cost fur and expensive maintenance of specially trained hounds and hunting dogs. There’s a technique of hunting the Fox, which does not require extensive training and use of dogs hunting a Fox with semolina.

Decoy is a small device that is able to simulate the sound of a squeaking mouse or a wounded hare. These decoys are sold in all hunting stores, but if a hunter can reproduce similar sounds, then the device is not necessary. Hunting decoy begins in the period when the foxes come to the field to Muscovite.

Guide how to hunt a Fox with a decoy

During the hunt it is important that Fox didn’t smell human or not heard his presence. For successful hunting, it is recommended to purchase a pair of binoculars, which you can use to monitor the movement of the beast on the field. If you are hunting Fox from ambush, you should look for a ravine or ditch in which to lie down during the hunt. In winter it is appropriate to wear camouflage robe, with which the humans are seen on the snow.

A Fox saw a mouse, at a distance of not more than 800 meters, start to call Fox a decoy. Try to reproduce the natural sound, if she hears sounds fake, then immediately disappear. Beckon need in one go, taking breaks for 1-2 minutes. Lisa immediately fail to respond to peep, but she will hear it for sure. After some time, the beast to head in your direction, occasionally lifting his head and listening. To keep the Fox should, on the distance required for the shot.

A decoy is used not only for hunting for a Fox, but in the spring to attract wild birds. Hunting for woodcock, it is necessary to choose the right place for the blind as the young spring foliage is stopping to watch the movement of birds and determine the place of decline, in the case of a successful shot. On the grouse currents, use a decoy to attract the males, hut building is not necessarily possible to restrict hunting from the approach. For ducks it is best to hunt using a decoy bird, which is grown at home. Males flock to the decoy and the need to make accurate shots, so as not to injure the female.

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