Guaranteed winter catch

Fishing in winter is great fun for this fisherman. This is a new experience, relieve stress.

To feel this, need to go and fish.

I’ll start:

Before you go fishing in winter, you need to consider some details, which will depend on the catch.

Comfort is important for a fisherman is comfortable, warm clothing.

It is important to consider the weather, the place where the fish live, and especially how fish behave in this place. If you take everything into account, your success is guaranteed!

Fishing on the ice

When it comes to winter fishing on frozen ponds and stretches of rivers covered with ice. A large part of the fishermen prefer ice fishing, it is complicated by a variety of extreme situations and require special winter gear.

The main important point – strong ice which can withstand human weight! Most likely a fish in the winter will be where it was in the warm time of the year. When it gets cold the fish are looking for a place where they are more suitable living conditions. When fish is not enough oxygen and food, they fall into hibernation. To catch it is impossible.

In small rivers it is better to choose the place of expansion. In large — on the contrary, the narrowing of the river and locations of sharp turns. The richest place to fish is where come springs. Where the Bank is steep there is a lot of depth and a great likelihood that at the bottom there are submerged logs, rocks or large collapses of boulders of clay – it’s all the hiding places — there lurks a large predatory fish. The shoal, a smooth transition in depth — also a lovely place. Here lives the small fish are food for the predator. Therefore, in such places the predator also goes to fatten.


Rods should be easy easy. They must also be short. With coils in order to adjust the length of the line. Such rods can fish at different depths to catch. In winter you can catch different kinds of fish. It is also useful ice axe and ice pick.

And now about the main:

Every fish is a predator in the winter is their winter. Perch fishing in the winter — yet not so thick ice. Bass remains at the old place. The fish starts to go when the growing ice. For long distances this fish not swim and flocks of wintering. Primarily for these fish, areas with hard bottom where there are rocks, sunken driftwood. The old river bed is also their wintering grounds. When the water is very cold, the bass are on the deep down and get him out of there very difficult. Bass like attractive bait the best of which is the jig or vertical jig. Perch loves to play with the bait so the bass fishing is important to be able to be proficient in the tackle. Suitable for bait bloodworms, larvae, fresh pieces of fish, a worm.

In winter, pike are active and mobile. It is very difficult to detect under ice, and even harder to get to the surface. But this fish can be caught year round in winter and summer. Catch pike to bills. Where deep pools, watch at the mouths of rivers flowing into the pond. The best bite for pike, when the first ice or thaw. On a cloudy, not Sunny weather. In winter, the pike is very passive so the bait should be put directly under her nose. Pull out the pike is also quite difficult, as it can break the tackle or fishing line to cut. The pike bite is unusual – very much. And so the fisherman should be the reaction a good, experience a timely and professional manner to strike her. Pike well caught on the balancer it looks like a fish. And even better pike on the imitation fish are biting with a nozzle of smaller fish (bream, roach).

Carp unlike other fish live in places where oxygen supply is low. But mostly these fish are closed in the mud and go into hibernation to survive the cold. And in places where a lot of oxygen carp are very active. This heat-loving fish, so she lives not far from power plants or in the place where there are warm currents. Carp bite in winter, not actively, carefully, one might even say carefully. His bite is not even noticeable gear needs to be sensitive. These fish swim for a long time and eat the bait and not always take it. So patience and vigilance is the success of your catch. Likes Karas Sunny clear weather or a thaw.

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