Group and individual methods of hunting hare in the woods

At first glance, the hunting of the hare may seem pretty straightforward, even simple, but in reality it is not so. Of course, everyone has the opportunity to gather, to pick up a gun and go hunting, but how successful the hunting will be able to get the trophy in the form of a furry animal?

All of this requires certain skills, and most importantly practice. In early autumn, when under the feet rustling fallen leaves, hunting can get out with the dogs, and also short-term in ozerko.

You can, for example, to wander through the forest, waiting for when you get lucky, you will find unwary animal, it is more efficient to do it in the company of friends, separating from each other, in search of hunting trophies.

However, this method is more suitable for hunting in the field, on the plain, since the forest is quite a lot of game, but notice it is sometimes problematic. The beast will see inexperienced hunters before they do it, and go in advance.

Also in the forests of a limited review, which plays an important role in the search game. But there is one case when this kind of hunting can bring good results – hunting after a rain when everything is wet and every Bush and tree falling drops of water, the hare has to go to open areas, where an experienced hunter will not be difficult to notice it.

Whether it is hunting from the approach, when the hares sit for good viewing places, and to get such a beast only thing is the skill of the hunter. To go hunting alone, or in company, is gradually skirting fields and pastures, hoping to find the beast.

When going to a group of hunters in the fall can be a very effective hunting boiler and surges. The surge is similar to that of driven hunting, the difference is that fit does not require a lot of hunters for your implementation, you also need to navigate to their chosen hunting location, have an idea about the habits of the hare.

It all comes down to the fact that sensing danger, the hare runs the same routes, with the knowledge that the hunter can take a good position and have good chances of success.

The purpose of the rider to scare the animal so it initiated a movement in the direction of Sagittarius. This hunt usually brings a lot of game, but the pleasure of this type of hunting more than compensates for a small catch.

In advance to prepare for this hunt, to explore rabbit trails, and after training you will not remain without extraction. The so-called pot hunting also takes place in previously developed areas where already precisely known habitat of the hare.

Arrow turns around a pre-selected places, make the boiler, inside of which the beater flushes the hare and chases them to the gunmen. Shoot only when rabbits come out from behind the line of the boiler, otherwise you can injure a partner.

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