Groundbait for roach

Good bait, it’s almost a fifty percent success fishing. This primarily applies to catching roach. This is a very fast fish that don’t like to stand still. Therefore, groundbait for roach must be properly prepared, that would be as long as possible to keep the fish on the spot your fishing. It should be flavorful and not very satisfying. It should not be any excess food beyond what is offered to Your nozzle. Its main task is to make an attractive smell in the place of your fishing.

One of the most productive baits for catching roach in the ponds with stagnant water are steamed fried bread crusts or steamed rye. This bait is best to add to enhance the smell, crushed hemp seed and wheat bran.

An experienced fisherman, for that would be bait for roach was more defective think it could use a little priority.

Well attract roaches lightly toasted hemp seed. Before fishing, they must have a good parabolicity and glue a paste in the form of lumps or small tiles. Throw this bait you need to a depth.

If You would like to fish on rivers with little current, it is best not to use a bread or grain bait. In such basins are more effective lure with the addition of bloodworms or ant eggs. This bait carries the current, attracting fish to the place of its distribution. But if the groundbait for roach will be with stewed beans, they, with little over will not budge, hence, will not attract fish to the fishing spot. If You do not have these ingredients, you can use small bran. They are very light and easy to for. It is true there is a little minus. This cloud of food together with large roach and attracts small fish, which could spoil the fishing. So it is better to use bloodworms or ant eggs.

If the fishery was greatly chosen by a trifle, and does not allow the passage of large roach, in this case, only the right food can be a Joker who’s obsessed with clay. Clay will not give the Motel instantly scatter in the flow, and will gradually give the Motel attracting big fish to your bait.

In the winter bait for roach using unground Hercules. He doesn’t fill the fish and keeps constant biting. Some fishermen say that in the winter the most effective bait for roach is bread crumbs with flavors oil-based.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the amounts of certain ingredients. Of course, everything should be within reasonable limits. But you must also keep in mind that depending on the type of habitat the amount of a product may be different.


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