Grayling fishing in the winter. How to catch grayling?

Grayling fishing in the winter

Such a beautiful fish, grayling, freshwater pearl really our waters and the dream of any fan of fishing. It is easy to distinguish a slender elongated body and a rainbow colored dorsal fin, large size. Grayling is found in ponds with cool, clear water – in the rivers of Siberia, the Far East and, of course, lake Baikal. So grayling fishing in winter would require to go to places with a harsh climate, which forces to take responsibility for such fishing.

Tackle box

The proper selection of gear depends largely on the result of the whole fishing. Here is affected by the cold weather and changes in the behavior of fish, which in the winter becomes more cautious and picky.

1. Rod.

For grayling fishing you can use any rod designed for winter fishing, «balalaika», «filly» or a simple kucova rod.

2. Fishing line.

In the clear water, which has grayling, regular fishing line will be hard to stand out that only frightens the fish. Why have to be more expensive fluorocarbonates thread, invisible in the water column. Diameter and 0.12-0.15 mm, which is enough to capture the fish 1.5-2 kg weight, respectively.

3. Leash.

Used at will. When setting up, cut fluorocarbon fishing line with a length of several centimeters and a thickness of about 0.10-0.12 mm (about 10% thinner than the main thread).

4. Coil.

Any convenient for fishing.

5. Nod.

Long, has a large amplitude. When fishing on a powerful and fast stream it must be hard to be able to spot the bite. It is better to take nods from metal plates, as plastic or polyester cannot withstand too low temperatures.

Varieties of baits

Grayling fishing in winter can be carried out using a variety of baits. This is largely dependent on the characteristics of the reservoir and fishing activity.

Fishing lures

winter grayling

Quite often the ice grayling are caught using jigs. To do this, choose a heavy lure weight from grams. Better if they are made of tungsten or lead – this spinner is equally well suited for fishing at depth and in rivers with strong current.

Use spinners with a planting, besttelki and self-made.

1. Bizmathica.

If fishing occurs on a baitless jig, for grayling it is better to pick a bait of Golden color.

A simple but effective technique is as follows: the lure drop to the bottom, followed by a sharp swing of 10-15 cm and a smooth descent back.

2. Jig with a planting.

Often fishermen use along with a spoon of extra animal bait:

– Motyl;

– maggots;

larvae burdock moth;


– gammarus.

There is a basic rule – the nozzle should be such that the grayling can be found in their native pond. Otherwise he does not react to the bait.

White maggot has a very pale appearance add bright color, coloring it with beet juice. And the attractiveness of the gammarus provides cooking in well salted water.

Colors of jigs: Golden, copper, lead.

Above the jig at a distance of 15-20 cm can bind an extra hook with the bait. Leash length is 2-4 cm Also suitable artificial fly.

Game options the following:

  • We investigated all layers of water from the soil to the bottom edge of the ice. The movements are smooth, swaying from side to side with a radius of 1 cm bite of grayling you would think that the hook caught on something.
  • After touching a spoon the bottom should be a smooth slow rise to a height of 5-8 cm After that the gear is reset to the previous position and the bait starts to plan in the water. After the pause the cycle is repeated. At the low point usually occurs by bite.

3. Homemade bait.

head for the grayling in winter

Many fishermen prefer to do the bait with his hands. To make the bait for grayling fishing in the winter is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. As an example, you can take one of the following:

  • Does the jig «pebble» or «drop» has a fine hook with a long forearm. Also need a small colored feather. It is applied to the shank and tied off with a thin nylon thread. Too much sticking out to the sides the ends are trimmed. Ultimately there has to be a imitation of an insect. For a complete check you should load the bait at home in the water and see how she looks.
  • Instead of a jig you can use a usual long and thin hook, and a pen to replace the fur or colorful threads. Main colors are brown and red.
  • In Siberia, the fishermen use «muchmoremusic». Take a normal hook and bent to shape (depending on the desires of the fisherman). On the shank is oblong, spherical or teardrop-shaped solder. The «muchoborska to» paint in the desired color and wrapped with horsehair, feathers or strands of nylon to give greater similarities with insect larvae. Edges short. Colors for different types of grayling: for the Siberian – dark (brown, grey), for the European – bright (red, yellow).

The technique of fishing with such bait is no different from fishing on the purchase of the spinner.

Fishing flies

In winter you can fish for grayling on a summer bait, artificial fly. It fully simulates real insects, which, of course, during the cold period are not found, but the fish are quite willing to bite on this bait.

When fishing the fly, it is usually used as a second bait, clinging on a short leash just above the spinners. Also, the jig can be replaced by a simple weight an appropriate weight attached to the end of the main line. This snap-in is called «garland».

The hooks of flies should be small, and the colors are chosen on the same principle as for lures depending on the species of grayling.


Spinners are not as popular when fishing for grayling in the winter. But during gluhozime when the fish almost standing still in deep holes, spinners show a good result. Even very sluggish grayling responds well to small spinners, bright color, similar in appearance to this fish. The main form narrow and asymmetric.

To increase ulovistost bait it is decorated with a bundle of hairs or filaments. The hook can impose bloodworms, a piece of worm or a foam ball.

Vertical jigging in this case should take the average speed, ascent bait is 25-30 cm, must be made a short pause at the bottom. When lowering the spinner is useful to make a small jerking. If fishing takes place on rivers with fast current, jig head with silicone lures.


To lure grayling or not – here the opinions diverge anglers. Many believe that this fish is in a bait is not needed.

Some suggest to take bait for grayling:

  • boiled amphipod;
  • the gammarus;
  • cheese.

After the bait is the latest variant of grayling is a good idea for the Styrofoam peanuts that mimic cheese.

The fishing place

a spot of grayling fishing in the winter

To find fish under the ice is always hard, but grayling is doubly hard – in places of residence of winter ice cover thickness reaches 1-1. 5 meters. Remember what to look for grayling in dirty water useless.

In winter it can be found in the following locations:

• whirlpools with a clean bottom of gravel, sand or stones;

• stretches;

• along with a large stones;

• exits and entrances from the pits;

• ice-free river shallows near the edge of the ice;

• changes in depths and drop offs;

• parts of the river near a strong current;

• the mouth of the tributaries that flow into the pond.

The colder it gets, the deeper the pit goes grayling. In gluhozime it can only be found in large deep rivers and lakes, where it returns from small tributaries.

The best option would be to visit the pond in the fall and to notice Parking places grayling. At the beginning of winter, in the first weeks after the ice formation, grayling remained in the same places and we can hope for a good bite. It is also useful to talk with local fishermen about the efficient.

Equipment and fishing

winter grayling fishing

The best time for grayling fishing in the winter – morning and evening hours. This evening the fish to be found in the pits and whirlpools, and in the morning in the shallows. Before sunrise is the most active and biting.

On a cloudy day grayling can actively bite throughout the day. Also the number of bites increases during the period of thaw, 3 days after the temperature rise of the air.

When fishing, you should drill a large enough number of holes to increase the chances of finding fish. When fishing for grayling crucial can play even half a meter distance.

If found the vortex, it does not mean that grayling in it. This is done at the entrance and exit of the pool for 2 hole and 3 in the middle. The distance between them is 0.3 meter or more. To sh should each hole, starting with the first, spending every 10 minutes. If bites do not – have to look for another place, if a little – to come back in the second half of the day.

Useful tips to increase catch:

• Grayling bite sharply, so the cutting needs to be strong and confident.

• When displaying grayling should prepare for strong resistance. It is better to darken the Hole with snow or sludge.

• The tramp on the ice and loud conversations easily scare off the fish.

• When fishing in places with claws need to draw out quickly, not giving the grayling to get away with the bait in the shelter. In this case it is better to put a thicker fishing line – 0,18-0,20 mm

• Lures and bait should be changed in the process of catching – preferences of the fish can vary on the same body of water.

• Some anglers are advised to fish for grayling on live bait, which acts as a minnow. In this case, it is easy to catch a specimen.

• To improvise while playing the bait, changing the tempo, the playing technique, the length of pauses.

Grayling fishing in the winter can turn into an unforgettable adventure with the right approach to the process. This fish is very demanding and requires the angler a good knowledge of their behaviour and a careful study of the reservoir selected for fishing. But the result of hard work can become rich catch of this beautiful, powerful and active fish.

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