Grayling fishing in the spring

Fishing for grayling in the spring is not difficult from anglers familiar with the trout fishing. When fishing for grayling in the spring fish fish is done, as when trout fishing.

In our waters the grayling is a beautiful fish with a large dorsal fin is easier to find in the spring. The weight of the grayling can reach one kilogram, its average length is about thirty inches. Sometimes you can meet grayling, reaching a length of sixty centimeters.

Typically, grayling prefers to gather in flocks in the rivers with a strong ground and the water filled with oxygen. Grayling doesn’t love deep and quiet waters. Grayling spawn in March and April. In the period after spawning grayling begins to eat particularly active.

With the emergence in may of a large number of insects, experienced fishermen use when fishing for grayling in the spring of simulation of these insects and get a great result fishing. Often fishermen fishing for grayling in the spring used as in trout fishing, the artificial fly.

If in a particular pond is home to grayling, trout, grayling aggressive always choose for its location the best places. In the absence of trout in the reservoir grayling can be found in those places of the river where there are rapids and the water is calm.

When fishing for grayling in the spring for catching small fish in rivers fishermen use the fishing rod ultra-light that has a length of 2.1 meters. And when spring grayling fishing on the lake is to use a longer rod. The length of such rods may be two and a half meters.

Spinning for fishing for grayling should be equipped with a spinning reel. When fishing for grayling in the spring as bait is better to use spinning lures, such weigh no more than six grams and are of adequate size.

For spring grayling fishing larger anglers use spinners more. Spoon should have a silver color to be like a little fish. But the clean and clear water in the reservoir, it is better to use a black jig with white stripes.

Grayling fishing in the spring is similar to trout fishing, but different wiring. Harness when fishing for grayling should be slower in comparison to the transaction when trout fishing. Grayling are usually not immediately catches the bait. First, he carefully eyeing the bait and grabs it only when the spinner is quite close to him.

Before fishing for grayling in the spring, inspect the reservoir. Habitat grayling can often be identified by characteristic isolated bursts.


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