Grayling fishing in October

Dry autumn air, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the vast Golden expanse of the autumn forest. October. It was at this time attracted all the fishermen fishing, in particular fishing for grayling in October. Favorite among fishermen fish, which is known for its good hunting, gambling, cool, and tasty meat. The best time for grayling fishing in late September, in October.

What Parking lot in October prefers grayling? In the fall, like many other fish, grayling shows increased activity. He leaves their summer Parking lot and goes to a depth where the water cools more slowly. This phenomenon depends on the climate of a particular area.

Among the fishermen there is a rule: the lower the water temperature, the more quiet during the grayling prefers. Accordingly, in October grayling starts to shift in places where the current is calmer, and on the surface. Favorite places, grayling chooses for Parking: large boulders at the transition of riffle in the reach, the branches of bushes hanging over the water, large snags on the bottom. In preparation for winter, grayling finds sandy and deeper places, «sliding» in the pits and backwaters.

In October, grayling can be found in areas near the confluence of creeks and small rivers to big water. There might be grayling swim from the shallow tributaries into the main river.

What biting grayling in October?

Grayling — fish careful, and unpredictable. Sometimes fish are not all over the river, and nothing here will not do. And sometimes Vice versa – grayling begins to bite on anything. In General, in October the grayling are not particularly legible, bite on almost any bait.

To determine the nozzle for grayling fishing in October, observe the behavior of fish. When there are spikes – grayling collects from the water surface insects. Then you can catch fly fishing on the artificial fly. But if bursts are missing, the grayling would be better to bite the bottom on worm or a grasshopper (the grasshopper better pull tabs).

Grayling distinguishes colors and shades, he especially loves the red color. So to start fly fishing primarily with a red fly. In October, after the rains, grayling excellent bite on the worm.

Grayling fishing in October eliminates a live nozzle. After all this time of year and quite cool in the cold wind uncomfortable to stick a maggot. It is better to use artificial flies. Grayling well takes on an orange truck fly and brown upholstered with a narrow lurex Golden hue.

The spinner is one of the suitable lures fishing for grayling in the autumn. Best suited baubles — «petal», with a length of 15-30 mm

Ways of catching grayling in October.

In water it is necessary to get back to it. Foot formed a small swirl of water raised from the bottom rocks and sand will attract grayling and they are arranged slightly further downstream. And if the bite suddenly stops, you have to move your feet to the ground and after some time the bite will resume. This method is suitable for deep water fishing, fish where the river is the same across the entire width.

In fast water there is always a place where the current calms down and is formed almost calm water. Most likely, in this place are the grayling. To approach such places should be cautious, so as not to spook the fish, and it is better to stop a few metres away. The float should be empty so that he was on the border of quiet and fast jets.

Grayling fishing requires ingenuity and skill. This is a very interesting and difficult task. And grayling fishing in October is complicated by weather conditions, so dress warmly and bring a set of warm spare clothing. Hot tea in a thermos, matches to build a fire and the company of the same gambling and fishermen. Consider all the details and exciting fishing with a great catch is guaranteed.

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