Grayling fishing in June

The main distinguishing feature of the grayling is its activity, is the need for constant movement. If we take into account the excellent taste of this fish, that her detention can be a real treat for any angler. According to experienced fishermen, the grayling in June , you can catch 3 ways: fly fishing, from the bottom and the wiring. Fly-fishing in as a nozzle it is better to take grasshoppers or other insects, and various artificial flies.

From the bottom of grayling in early summer, they prefer to catch only lovers. A nozzle with this method is the worm, and the gear is better to take to reel it in.

Fly fishing in wiring practice on uchastkah deep rivers with slow smooth flow. In this case, the attachment may be a worm or Nightcrawlers. With this method of fishing is better to use kovovy float, or from the bark of the black poplar. Bright colors may only hurt the success of the catch. To fish for grayling in the wiring predpochitaut some fishermen. This method often prefer to combine with angling from the bottom.

For grayling fishing in June is perfect for a rod with a rod not less than 4 meters, consists of 3 tribes. On the right knee must be fixed motoviltse of the line. Such rods, depending on the size and depth of the reservoir, it is possible to use the rod in 1,2 or 3 the knee. Stornoway have to be with a cross section of 0.5 mm, a length of about 15m and without float. Sinker is better to take a change, weighing up to 10g, oval. The sinker is held by the loop, which is attached to the leash length is 0.5 m with hook №№ 6-7. The leash is better to take a thickness not exceeding 0.4 mm, depending on the size of grayling that live in one or the other of the river.

Now the main question: why grayling in June it is better to catch from the bottom, and not in other ways? The fact that grayling love to swim in the top pool while waiting for the food brought from the roll. In order that the nozzle was able to attract the fish, you need to make a throw to the end of the roll. When the burden will fall to the bottom, impaled on the hook, the worm will climb over from the bottom among the flowing water, attracting the attention of grayling. He eagerly grabbed the nozzle, and this grip for fishing rods and the fishing line will be passed to the hand of the fisherman. While distinctly heard the blows – after the third to move to grayling too deeply swallowed the bait, otherwise it will be very difficult to extract the hook from his mouth. Biting grayling in June is quite good, and the breakdowns are extremely rare.

The fisherman who caught grayling in early summer, do not sit in one place. He has to go from one whirlpool to another. As a rule, each caught 3-4 grayling. This begs the logical question: how best to move down or upstream.

Experienced fishermen advise to go downstream. The fact is that lifting up the river, fishing for hits in the top of the pool will have to work around it. While the small depth of the river grayling is a cause for concern, and they hide. In the end, all shots are fruitless, and will have to go from one whirlpool to another. That completely eliminates the descent downstream.

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