Grayling fishing in July

It’s safe to say: «…fishing Pushcha captivity…». Why not just tolerate the fisherman, cold and heat, and bullying arrogant bloodthirsty mosquitoes. People are willing to spend hours holding a fishing rod just to get the long-awaited production — his «Golden fish». And the harder it gets to catch, the more joy it brings.

But there’s one type of fish, the fishing which really brings an unforgettable experience. Is grayling. However, it is a small fish not be called — some specimens reach a weight of two kilograms.

It’s safe to say that such an individual is considered a worthy rival each angler.

In appearance, the grayling very much resembles the ordinary herring. But the bright silver color of its scales will not confuse grayling with any other fish. And its taste is individually unique. A particularly good grayling in a salted, when it is almost transparent meat itself melts in your mouth…

As a rule, grayling lives in the Northern rivers, the rivers of the Urals and Siberia. But sometimes found in rivers of Central Russia. Grayling loves clean and fast water. He categorically avoids muddy water and slow currents. So he’s got a point — it feeds only at the surface of the water. Its main foods are various insects that fly over the water or fallen in water. Often grayling jumps out of the water at 20-30 inches to grab on the fly some fly. But worms that float at the surface of course, grayling is also not disdain.

Grayling — fish shy and cautious. And vision he arranged so that he clearly sees everything that happens above the water surface. He is especially skittish since the beginning of July, when the water will be more transparent. Yes, and grayling by this time, enough put fat and risk for the sake of production will not be much. We can say that starting from July the grayling fishing very difficult. It is not caught by conventional fishing rod with a light float. Even a light stroke of the rod or plain rod scares the fish. Therefore, starting from July, the methods of the grayling fishing is very different from the methods used in the spring or early summer.

First, you need a very light rod with a length of over 6 meters. Secondly, it is necessary to use netonomy fishing line or a very small float, painted in a slightly gray color. And sinker do not cling. Third, in the beginning of July grayling almost takes the worm and maggots. Since that time, he enjoyed enough small flies or small crickets with severed legs.

Grayling success begins to take the so-called «Angarsk fly» red or green.

As a side note I want to say that «Angara fly» is an empty hook with a long shank with two or three strands of wool yarn of the desired color.

To catch grayling at this time can only overlap. That is, the lure is thrown as far as possible and the line slowly bleeds. Of course, for this method need only be applied bezinertsionnaja coil with a slight swing. Grayling grabs the bait sharply and very quickly. Such a grip is very well felt by the rod as short shot. The rod end must be very flexible, as with a sharp kick in the grayling can break lip. Given the characteristics of the behavior of the grayling, many fishermen go as far as possible into the water in the shallows of the river. In this case, they just vented the line from the bait. This method of fishing is very effective, but available only to fishermen with experience. In addition, with this method of fishing in any case can not raise the turbidity, or the grayling will go.

And finally, I want to stress… Although grayling fishing has its own challenges and difficulties, but catching it, You will be able to call yourself a real fisherman. So, try your hand — you will not regret.

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