Grayling fishing in August

Grayling lives in the rivers with a rapid current, consequently, the fishing of this fish in stagnant water will never be effective. The main habitat of the grayling in August, there are rifts and gaps between them. The largest specimens sometimes disappear under a steep Bank, amongst the driftwood and dense vegetation. When the water temperature rises too high, grayling leaves favorite places and headed to the mouths of the keys.

When fishing for grayling in August on the lake, the search had to be conducted in smaller areas with a depth of 2 meters. In the surf band you can also find places with large concentrations of this fish. To fish for grayling is best on the transaction. As bait is worms, hatchlings, or larvae of bark beetles. As for equipment for grayling fishing in August, that the rod should be medium action, preferably with a spinning reel. As the basis taken the fishing line 0.25 mm in diameter, and the leash will fit more slim. Beautiful sinker can be 2-3 grains that are attached 20 cm from the hook. In August grayling fishing you need to be very careful and keep the tackle in the tense situation, because the fish is always cooked she quickly eats the bait.

Summer grayling fishing on wide deep rivers, usually involves long casts of the lure. When using float will further degrade the sinker or use a special weighted float. When fishing without a float occurs, due to the greater weighting weights mounted on meter leash 40 cm from the hook, the tackle becomes very similar to the Donk. For example, if you cast far you need to wait until the sinker hits the bottom, and then when lifting is necessary to gradually let go of the line, thus producing a motion in an arcuate path.

In late summer, when the water becomes more transparent, grayling begins to hunt for insects. During this period, fishing is permitted using artificial flies. The most appropriate colors of the baits are a dark grey, red and yellowish green. Grayling fishing in August will be most effective on a cloudy day or in clear weather in the evening. If after feeding grayling swim at the surface, uttering loud bursts, the fly no longer needs to lower to a greater depth.

The most common method of fishing for grayling in August – fly fishing. After the casting using the centrifugal rod fishermen trying to keep the lure on the surface. During increased activity of the fish, trying to catch the fly, often comes out of the water. However, in a period of excess flying insects this method of fishing will be ineffective. In such cases it is necessary to change tactics, letting the bait fall a little in the water, and then quickly shift it to the side. It is noticed that this change ways of fishing often leads to rapid bites.

When using fly anglers often caught in the wiring. To do this, as cargo for more accurate casting uses a float weighing up to 20 gr. This method involves equipping gear a few flies. After casting it is necessary to raise high the rod, why the bait will immediately start to play on the surface of the water. To enhance the dynamism in which the dead can be done without too much twitching. If this method is not suitable, then the bait needs a little bit of imbedded. For this the rod you need to put parallel to the plane of the water surface.

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