Grayling and Tyrolean wand

Grayling is found in the North and in Siberia, in the Ladoga and Onega, and Ilmen.

The tributaries of the Volga and Kama, too, can boast the presence of grayling.

This fish likes cold water, so they often had no neighbors, except trout and some fish that like cool water.

Ripples on the surface of the water talking about hunting for grayling fallen in water insects. There should be a nozzle, in these breakers.

The river, which often fishermen accustomed to fish caution, but in the forest fisherman can go to a special outfit in the water and start a rather successful fishing.

After lunch in the upper can catch quite large specimens of grayling. They are caught in the West.

Beginners in the fishing better to catch with this bait from these insects. When an insect floating on the surface, easier to control the tackle. The reverse for the insect falls into the water and is quickly captured fish.

To visually monitor the bite, you can attach the colored electrical tape at 2 m from the nozzle. In this case, you can use the colored cords that are sold in specialized stores.

There are a variety of spinning, who was born in South Tyrol, and therefore it was called the Tyrolean wand. The craftsmen in our country a little adapted to local conditions and became known as a Bouncing ball or a ballerina.

In this tackle unusual sinker that acts as a limiter. This limiter keeps the fly near the bottom. Sometimes the fly is replaced by a spoon.

Before the wand is placed leashes, their length should not be more than sticks. Lure take light and put small hooks. As a nozzle use maggots, bloodworms. The jerks in the transaction are doing weak, but frequent.

Grayling spends time at depth, and to catch him you need to distance from the shore. The cast have to do far. It can be done thanks to the heavy Tyrolean wand, but because it is biting it is difficult to determine.

Sometimes the grayling can take a fancy to rolling stone, where the depth of focus rests on the shoal.

Having defined the holding of a fishing spot, the fisherman makes a cast toward the shore opposite. As soon as Tyrolean wand gets to the bottom, you can start wiring. The strong current will move the stick, alluring fish.

As the lure reaches the bottom, to catch it for something a little probability. Sometimes it happens that some fish are following the lure almost to the fisherman and only near the coast, grabbing her.

This tackle can make yourself. Fit a piece of PVC tubing. Water-resistant adhesive on its end is fixed to a certain size and weight of the bolt. The other end of the tube is glued with the same waterproof glue, the ends should be pressed with pliers for better fixation.

In cemented end is made with an awl puncture through which the threaded fastener to install the mast float.

Choosing the proper stick length and weight as well as hitting the right bait, mastering the technique of wiring, fisherman can expect good fishing.

To draw out the grayling is simple but need precision, because the fish fell off the hook, can scare the whole pack.

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