Grass carp fishing

Carp – a freshwater fish that belongs to the Carp family. Cupid has the body elongated, covered with scales Golden brown on the sides, the back of the Amur grey with yellow, the belly is light, Golden. Cupid unlike carp feed exclusively on vegetable food, the day eating a lot of food, which exceeds its own weight, making it has grown rapidly over the year adding to the length of 10 centimeters.

Fishing for Amour is possible for two gear is a float rod and feeder.

Tackles for catching carp

Tackle used for catching carp on the float rod should be solid and reliable, since the white Amur – fish is very strong and to pull out 20 pound copy on a thin rope you will not succeed, especially because fishing is done in places that are rapidly overgrown with grass. Catching carp on float tackle involves the use of powerful rods with length up to 6 meters. I use mono fishing line without a leash with a diameter of 0.3 mm Reel is best for catching carp to use instantaneous, because, as I said, the fish are strong, and when using a conventional coil you will not be able to play off line that is sometimes necessary.

Locations for catching carp

Best places to catch a Cupid are considered the shallow parts of the reservoir, at the same time, they must be rapidly overgrown with young grass. It feeds on carp, as a rule, in the grass near the thickets of reeds and floating grass Islands. The Amur does not like muddy water, and greater depth on the depth meter it is possible to count on catching trophy instance.

Before you start to catch carp, you need to choose a promising place for fishing. Then recommended a few days to feed the fishing spot to attract the fish. As top dressing, you can use the store brand mix, and it is possible to use a mixture of cooked potatoes, wheat and oat flakes «Hercules» and cheese. If you are going to catch in the morning, it is better to feed one last time in the West, just before fishing. Best carp caught during the period from 5 to 9 a.m. and after sunset. For catching grass carp it is best to use boiled potatoes, cheese, bloodworm, maggots or their different combinations. The bait needs to be big to attract big fish. After throwing the tackle in the box in the middle of the grass, and watch carefully for a float, as the Cupid fish is very lazy and takes it carefully, sometimes even unbeknownst to fishing, but when carp have already taken the bait, the bobber immediately goes under the water or it leads to side. The main time to do the cutting, until the fish left in the grass where the white Amur will easily tangle tackle and break the line. In the derivation it is important to keep the line tight, not allowing the fish to go in the direction of potential hooks. When fishing for carp it is important to have a big net, how to take fish with his bare hands very difficult, and this often leads to breakage of the gear and subsequent loss of the trophy.

Tactics for catching carp

Tactics of catching carp on the feeder is exactly the same as on the float rod, the only difference is that the feeder fishing is carried out at a considerable distance from the shore, which creates certain difficulties in feeding places. For these purposes it is necessary to use a special volumetric feeder and bait feeder big test to get to the top full of food feeder for a long distance. On feeder tackle carp also takes very sluggish, at times, barely noticeable for fishing. By hooking, you can start catching fish, you must be very careful not to get the fish out of grass or reeds, where it is almost impossible to get. Feeder rod for fishing should be powerful, so you immediately started to draw out fish, the fishing line is best for fishing on the feeder to use with braided leaders made of mono fishing line with a diameter of 0.25-0.3 mm. the Use of braided fishing line as the primary allows you to make the rig more sensitive, which is very important when fishing for carp.


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