Grass carp fishing in the reeds

One of the favorite delicacies of grass carp in the reeds, and it can successfully catch this «vegetarian». Anglers who practice catch this, usually selected for this stem with a length of from 0.5 to 1 meter and fold the leaves at the top. The simplest tackle this will serve as a sturdy spinning with a pre-installed powerful coil.

Fishing line, usually installed with a diameter of 0.3-0.6 mm, depending on the size of the expected production, and the hooks will fit with room 9-12. The float and sinker such a set not equipped, they will only interfere. As indicator you can use a bell, but he, unfortunately, may scare off the fish. So it will be better to just adjust the coil.

Just impaled on the hook of the stem is unlikely to lead to the desired result, and may even not work. Most likely, carp will ignore this bait. First, the position of the cane should be natural and it should not be around any obstructions. Otherwise Cupid will depart. The main thing is not just right to put the bait on the bait, but at least present it properly. The hook in this case is masked in the letter that was left on top, then you need multiple turns of the line winding stem. Now you can safely throw this building on the water. The impression that stem naturally fell into the water, to throw more than 1.5-2 metres from the wall of reeds is not worth it. If our bait remained afloat, even if stripped end slightly immersed in water, it is the best option.

Stand over the abandoned equipment and wait for a bite is not reasonable. Given the timidity of the white Amur is better to do it from some hiding place, while the tackle has to be firmly fixed on shore.

If you consider all these tricks when fishing cane, a nice trophy will delight you in the basket.


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