Grass carp fishing in the fall

White Amur — fish-loving, and in the Russian waters it is thanks to the many fish farms because of the cold conditions inhibit reproduction of fish. Going fishing for catching carp in the fall, the first thing you need to choose the place of fishing. The grass carp prefers vegetable food, and therefore lives in areas with dense vegetation (reeds, small Islands, etc.). Cupid also loves clean water. Choosing a fishing location, the angler must first pay attention to the purity of water and the presence of vegetation. Going fishing for carp in the autumn to consider the fact that at this time of year, its bite begins to dwindle.

Amur – fish, leading an active lifestyle. The day moved from one side of the pond to another. The movement of grass carp depend on such factors as the presence (absence) of food, direction of wind, time of day, water temperature. Carp loves the deep places. The best time for catching carp in the fall in Sunny and hot days are morning (five to nine hours) and evening (six hours). Cloudy weather does not affect more active adults.

The places of fishing and lure

So, the place for catching carp elected. The next stage is the correct bait fish. Because of the properly selected mixture will depend on the catch of the fishermen. Method of presenting the bait is also very important: the pillars of turbidity are very attracted to grass carp. As bait will fit everything that you can find at home: boiled potatoes, and wheat, oats, ovaries, cucumbers, seaweed, etc. Experienced fishermen suggest to feed the Amur constantly. There is a perception that the sound fell in the water bait is the best way affects the bite. Prefer a morning fishing needs to feed the fish in the evening in the West. Bait will not be able to lure grass carp, if on the shore noisy. This fish prefers the silence.


Grass carp fishing in the fall is, basically, float or bottom fishing rod, after a good bait. Bait grass carp are maggots, pearl barley, dough, bread, corn, earthworms, bloodworms and etc. it is Very interesting to catch this fish float rod. Great attention is needed in order to spot poklav. This fish is slow, so weak oscillations of the float are difficult to observe. But as soon as the bait will be swallowed, carp sharply pull the float to the side or under the water. And that’s when you have to do cutting, but not strong, because of the fragile lips of Cupid are easily torn. Extract of the Amur river must be carefully using net. Without it can not do! When playing a fish it is not necessary to prevent the departure of the Amur river in the reeds and other vegetation, because the line runs the risk of being confusing, and production lost.

Grass carp fishing in the autumn on a Donk, the most promising. Fishing on the Donk occurs similar to the fishing on the float rod. But the differences still exist. One of them is that tackle designed for fishing off shore (30-40 m). Spot the bite can be on the top of the rod. At poklevke the Amur sharply pulls the rod, at this moment and should do the cutting. A good fish and great fish!!!


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