Grass carp fishing in may

The most productive period of fishing carp starts from may and lasts until October. Moreover, the higher the temperature, the more will bite. Cupid drawn to places with a large number of benthic vegetation and overgrown with reeds shore. It is in these places and it needs to look. Accommodation fish to determine is not difficult – in search of food, it rises to the surface of the water, which become clearly visible the base of the tail and top fin. The presence of the Amur river is also shown by the numerous ripples and splashes on the water surface.

Grass carp fishing in the late spring on 50% depends on proper and abundant bait. It is necessary not only skillfully to pick up, but also competently present – to lure and to keep the voracious fish in a specific location only by using the huge amount of food. According to the avid fisherman, the proper bait needs to include 4 components. With the help of small factions, specially selected activators biting and stimulate the appetite aromatic additives in water is an attractive for the Amur column turbidity. White spot «of Hercules», which lies at the bottom, which also attracts the attention of fish. To keep a big fish in the fishing area to help a large fraction of whole maize kernels and granular feed.

As bait for the may fishing you can use the aloe leaves without spines, slightly ensued cucumbers, bundles of filamentous algae, scented essential or vegetable oils.

In late spring, when bottom grass had not yet risen, Cupid biting well on feeder tackle. The best water temperature for catching — +12-16°C. No need to throw in the water once all the bait – it is better to leave a little in reserve to keep going to feed the fish in the right place.

Feeding nozzle Cupid need some. way. For example, you can take 3-8 grains of corn, to pierce them through the hook and put on a leash. Then on the hook to put on the foam ball and corn. Fish trying to swallow the corn, and boldly takes the bait. The rush with this method of fishing is useless, and the friction brake should always be omitted, so that when you bite Cupid quietly unraveled spool of fishing line.

The most effective method for catching grass carp in may is fishing a zig rig. Tackle this «works» at any depth. And this is a huge plus when fishing of the Amur river since this fish likes to walk in the depths of stranded and Vice versa. Tackle zig rig is a long leash is made of flurocarbon or fishing line and set at a predetermined depth. It looks like the easiest way of filing fixed floating attachments to any depth. You can use or zig rig with varying length, or extending from the sinker a long leash. Also used a fixed SIG rig with dynamic vehicle – profilirovannoj or Leguminosae, which allows you to shoot the sinker when fishing in snags or grass.

The most important condition when fishing for carp at any time of year – silence. Cupid will never fit where on the shore will be bright lighting and loud conversations. Moreover, it is noticed that much more productively catching this fish occurs in the night time.


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