Grass carp fishing in July

Going in search of carp in the middle of summer, take a tackle with the highest quality. Looking for fish you will help waterfowl, circling at the water surface. They fall to the water the shadows often scare away the fish, basking in the sun. In this case, formed a strong breaker, is often a loud splash. For this reason, it is necessary not only to examine the windless zone, but also to follow circling birds here. When the fish on the surface were observed, it is important to accurately determine its type. After all, your goal is fishing for carp in July, not carp or any other fish. Distinctive dorsal fins are triangular in shape in most cases, given the presence of carp in the pond. These fish rising to the surface regularly, but for a short time to expose them.

Another characteristic feature can be called an unusually large size cupids. Often you can see the mouth of this fish – it always catches the eye. This part of the body, in the case of an open mouth, is quite light, almost white. Only this symptom with absolute precision suggests that you are faced with the right fish, and grass carp fishing in July can be very successful.

Determine the most suitable reservoir, you can immediately start your search to the area of fishing. With the help of the rod of the depth gauge or depth sounder, and boat, you can more accurately determine the Parking lot of fish. The proximity of sandy cans, plateaus and fields of aquatic plants is very encouraging. It is seen that sloping Bank is also interesting for this kind of fishing. If the place of catching carp in July, everything else, surrounded by reed – good luck to you not to take, you’ve stumbled upon hot spot.

Before you throw a tackle, try to accustom the fish to the bait. Well-proven tiger nuts, like hard corn. This is likely due to a specific sweet aroma. To obtain such a taste is necessary to properly prepare the bait. First, tiger nuts are boiled for 30-60 minutes. Then remain warm as long as possible. To enhance the attracting action of the lure after the cooking process adds a special syrup, which has a extraordinary aroma of tiger nuts. After the attractant is added, it is necessary to put the nuts in the sun and keep them there until, until they begin to float of the ground. After that bait there is a strong aroma and sweet taste. Tiger nuts are considered the best baits for catching carp in July.

It should not be a special ceremony with the selection and supply of bait. Grass carps are not very well processed food: to obtain the necessary energy from the food they need to consume it in large quantities. For this reason, we can safely throw in the pond even a few kilos of bait – will not be worse. Repeat feeding 2-3 times with a fishing rod, bait rocket, or ladle. To start fishing, it is desirable after the decline of the summer heat. It is best to start to catch in the evening and until late morning, without stopping. Prikarmlivat it is also not saving. Don’t forget that grass carp fishing in July, requires accuracy and patience.

If you want to achieve the best results, slightly lift the bait with the hook on your bait. Use this snap-in. To bring buoyancy to the bait with hook, do it first the cavity using the drill, and then plug got a hole corresponding piece of the tube. Tiger nuts prepared in this way have a buoyancy which can be compared with the small handle. Attach the hook 1-2 such floating nuts. You can also make a sandwich from the artificial corn and the floating nut. Due to the bright contrast of the bait will be visible stimulus to attract the carp.

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