Grass carp fishing in August

Carp is one of the largest representatives of the carp family, reaching a length of up to 120 cm and a weight of 20-30 kg. he Eats mostly underwater vegetation, eating up to 2 kg of plant food per 1 kg of weight per day. Has exceptional endurance, so that can live in salt water. Ideal places for habitat of grass carp, ponds created specifically for cooling power plants. Carp brought artificially to combat the development of aquatic vegetation in these reservoirs.

The effectiveness of catching carp in August depends on the number and the well-chosen and well-presented bait to entice fish and save it in a certain spot of fishing. The right bait to catch a Cupid should create a in water column turbidity and consist of 4 components: fines bait «Float», specially selected activators biting along with stimulate appetite and added flavours. White spot cereal «Hercules», quietly lying on the bottom, strongly attracted the attention of this fish. To hold large specimens in the area of fishing will help the granular feed or grinding whole maize grains. Desirable at once to throw into the water all the bait – it is better to leave 1/3 in reserve so you can easily keep the audience on the bait fish in the right place for some time.

As bait to catch a Cupid perfect ovaries of young cucumbers, aloe leaves with distant spines or filamentous algae taken from the pond where fishing, and flavored or essential oils.

August grass carp fishing , the more effective the greater the warming water. The abundance of benthic vegetation and sugar cane plantations attract the fish, so in places its looking. The presence of grass carp in the pond show rise to the surface of the top and tail fins and spikes and ripples on the calm surface of the water.

Grass carp fishing in August is typically done on float tackle with the mandatory use of bait. The main condition for fishing there is silence. If a Bank is noisy, the fish will never come to the lured place. Good catches of Amur and in the night time, when the pond calm and quiet, because at this time he is behaving much more boldly.

Feeding nozzle white Amur should be special. You can, for example, to pull on the leash 3-8 pierced through the hook of the grains of corn. After that, the hook fits over the foam ball and again corn. Not resist the temptation to eat corn, fish, and boldly swallowed the bait. This method of fishing does not tolerate haste, and friction brake always need to let go, so that when you bite Cupid was able to play off line from the reel. The most appropriate method of catching carp in August is fishing a zig rig. And this tackle is ideal for fishing in waters of any depth. And this can be very useful for Cupid, who loves to roam from the depths to Mel and Vice versa. The zig rig is a long leash from flurocarbon or regular line that is configured to a specific depth. This is the simplest method of flow fixed nozzles at various depths. You can take or zig rig with varying depth, or a long leash, departing directly from the sinkers.

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