Grass carp fishing float tackle

Carp is very common for reservoirs in the southern regions of Russia. Individual specimens can reach thirty pounds in weight. But most fishermen fish carp 1.5 – 5 kilograms. This species successfully coexist with carp, roach and carp. He looks very similar to the Chub, but much more. Cupid practically omnivorous fish, its taste preferences change throughout the year.

Carp is a schooling fish that lives in rivers, lakes, quarries, reservoirs, where it was once artificially raised to combat the growing algae. Found mainly in areas prone to mass overgrowth of aquatic plants that are favorite food for him.

Like all members of the carp family Cupid prefers day way of life. The bite usually starts early and is observed in almost all areas of the pond before sunset. As he is very cautious and shy with little noise to Cupid began to move away from the coast, in connection with this inexperienced fishermen catch it very easily. But, despite all his wariness, this species loves basking in the shallow, well warmed up by sunlight.

The most active biting is observed in the spring and autumn period, this is due to the fact that at this time, the water bodies particularly poor vegetation and cupids are starving. With decreasing temperature the activity decreases. At ten degrees, it almost does not bite.

Very relevant when fishing for carp bait. Fish very quickly gets used to feeding at a certain time and in a fixed place. As for lure bait is very effective proven boiled corn, and steamed green peas, slices of young cucumbers and chopped cabbage.

As the carp inhabits ponds, the bottom of which is covered by slime and seaweed for his arrest it is recommended that a floating bottom fishing. Under these conditions, fishing is required to fish saw the bait, so she should be in the thick sludge and hovering over him. Such buoyancy is achieved very easily, just use some large Styrofoam balls, threaded on the hook, the best results will placing it between the bait. In order to control the depth of immersion of the hook on the leash set lead pellet. The nozzle will pop up exactly at a distance equal to the gap between the pellet and hook.

If were bait, the bait need to use the same that foods. Once previously unknown pond will have to experiment with baits. In hot weather, the Amur is better for bread, semolina, lots of larvae of bark and coats. The myth that angels are strict vegetarians are not true, sometimes he can bite, even small bait fish. But still versatile baits are small cubes of fresh cucumber, slices of cabbage, fennel and pumpkin flesh.


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