Grass carp fishing cabbage

Famous for its cautious carp refers to the number of herbivorous fish inhabit our waters. This fish is very demanding as she provided the bait and the tackle, and if it is something that will be alerted – you will not see any poklevki. Besides the fishing you need to be very quiet, sometimes even the usual quiet cough from cigarette enough to fish have left the fishing spot. Often anglers try to use the usual nozzle, taken on the same body of water (young green cane or the roots of the sedges), but it does not bring the desired results.

The thing is that this is a common food and it in the lake or river a lot, accordingly, the chances that Cupid will be interested you have prepared for him a treat, very small. Therefore, many Amateurs were experimenting with cabbage. It turns out that not in vain.

Fits regular green cabbage, as long as its leaves were not sluggish. It should also be noted that the most active and reliable bite occurs on the cabbage leaves, which are closest to the head. They are just more gentle, sweet and soft, thereby they for Pisces are considered more attractive, despite the fact that this kind of delicacy, which is found in the pond just for fishing gear.

To prepare the bait, take a cabbage leaf and cut it with a band (a width of 0.8 mm and length 50 cm) so that lived on the worksheet (it is in the middle) were not violated. You should consider the fact that it was not very thick.

Because Cupid grows to a very large size (over 1 m in length, weighs about 35 kg) and podsekanie behaves very aggressively and actively trying to go off tackle, the rod you should choose a very durable, hook size 5-8 and powerful line of diameter not less than 0.35 mm. Sinker and the float in this case is not used.

Very bait is to throw as close to the aquatic vegetation (on the edge of the water with reeds) to make it look like natural origin. Remember about cover up: don’t wear too bright clothes, keep quiet. Better hide behind the same reeds or riparian vegetation.

Like all members of the carp family, Cupid first tries the nozzle lips, and only after it has ascertained its edibility bravely swallows it. It is at this point should be followed by cutting, so that the hook is well embedded in the soft tissue of the mouth of the fish. As practice shows, cabbage as attachment are interested only in the largest specimens of this fish, so the angler should always be prepared for an unexpected bite. Don’t forget about the net, because it will facilitate the catching of fish with its environment.


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