Goose hunting for flights,right now weapons and ammunition

Geese are incredibly cautious, and this feature greatly reduces the number of ways to hunt them. Of course, in places where geese nest, sometimes practiced hunting for inexperienced and young birds. But we practiced it very rarely. Today the most commonly used hunting method, which is based on crow’s instincts. In Russia, most often hunting geese is carried out during migration from breeding grounds to places where they overwinter. The thing is that goose in the autumn caravans appear almost everywhere, and at this time the hunters-they shoot geese for the most part in the staging areas, where birds temporarily stop to rest and feed.

There are several methods of shooting geese, while in autumn they migrate for the winter. Chief among them is podkarmlivayut geese as they fly between feeding and water. This method is based on the fact that geese during a stop in a staging area to have a fairly stable routine. That’s the way it is made: at dawn the geese rise from the water, then fly on winter wheat fields or arable land, where they feed on green shoots and seeds. About nine in the morning leave the field, and the geese returned to the water. Then the geese rest approximately three to five hours of the day and then the birds return to the fields where they spend the time until evening, and only at nightfall return to the water.

In accordance with the regulations and plans are on the hunt. She was hunting for flights is usually either early morning or late evening, that is the time when geese are flying or on the field, or returned to the water, respectively. The day when visibility is good hunting yields little results.

The hunt begins just as all types of hunting this bird with intelligence. First you need to determine the main routes of flights of geese with spills on feeding places and back. The success of a hunt depends a lot on what the terrain and current weather conditions in the place where actually is hunting. Worst of all it will be in clear calm weather, as the geese in most cases fly at high altitude. Most suitable for hunting time is a bad weather with very strong winds, or in fog. In such conditions, the geese usually fly fairly low over the surface of the earth.

Naturally, the terrain has an effect on the success of a hunt. If there where flying geese, there are hills, of course, it is best to arrange a position for firing on them. This is especially true calm clear weather. Groove is a very important part of hunting for geese. It is best to make it fairly far away from the rest of the geese on the water and greasing.

Also while hunting for geese it is important to remember about the so-called «intelligence». In most cases, is geese, who fly ahead of the main mass of the birds. Shoot them, of course, impossible, otherwise you can be left with nothing. Also, it is impossible to make shots throughout the pack, while not aiming in certain birds, such as the shooting will lead to errors.

One of the main factors when shooting the goose are large enough prejudice before the shot. You need to shoot about two to three crow’s case forward. It may seem that geese fly slowly enough and in such a situation advance is not necessary. This illusion is due to the fact that this bird rarely makes the strokes, and its large size may reduce the visual distance.

Fell after the shooting wounded game need to be finished off without leaving a pit.

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