Good shot on the bench – he’s good and on the hunt

Many for this reason have a different opinion, saying that these stenovice, very often miss the ducks. But it is not so, for the reason that in the same conditions as in hunting, the more successful will be a professional standout, not hunter, who had a practice of shooting in forests. It should be noted that a successful hunt depends not only on the skill of the hunter to shoot, but his knowledge about the habits of wild birds, correctly chosen their locations, as well as the ability to perform masking. In good hunting grounds, hunters are usually accompanied by the experienced huntsman, and the first priority is the ability to fire. Therefore, it is necessary to do clay pigeon shooting flying plates, and even better if they will conduct a professional instructor with lots of experience.

First, before you start shooting, adjust arms. Close attention should be paid to the Lodge , and its length, the crest and pitch, which must be 100-150 mm down. Detailed information on the adjustment arms can be read in the literature for hunters.

For conducting hunting short bed is a little better than the stock long, and the crest on its height must not leave the bar of the sight open. If when shooting cheek hunter «pressed» into the box and its crest, sighting the front sight slightly goes into «failure». Sports stand these rules of shooting on the hunt» are just some relativity. Sports stand on the stand as follows: the sample must be kept at 200-250 millimeters higher than indicated in the existing rules. It needs to be pushed forward to the level of depression of the shoulder to more likely and easier to pick up the gun, especially for beginners «landovica» — hunters.

You must teach the hands to ensure that they only lifted and held the gun, but all turning actions in either direction are performed by the body. Producing vskidku guns is imperative to ensure that the barrel does not «nod» down, but remained in the area of the intended flight plates (for hunting game).

The whole process of training in the Skeet better to do in stages. Do not proceed with the shooting, absolutely without having mastered the previous. If you’re having some difficulties with an assignment, it is not necessary to achieve a positive result through repetition. Need to make a stop in the lesson, to make the analysis of actions and eliminate the mistakes and not to hesitate to once again seek assistance from the instructor. If you are trained in shooting an independent way, in any case should not forget about security measures during training. After firing or re-equipment of the throwing machine, you need to keep discharged a gun in the open state, and a semiautomatic weapon, the breech has to be opened. Strictly prohibited, even empty weapons, directed to the area of finding other people. The installation of the throwing machines is needed, therefore, to drop the rest of your plates were in the tall grass.

This will allow you to economize on the targets, not crashing, going back to the throwing device. The best option, in the conduct of the training process, is the use of ammunition is lightweight. To exclude the bad influence of the noise when shooting on the hearing of a person, it is recommended to use headphones or «ear plugs» made of cotton.

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