Goldilocks — Sputnik trout

Where taimen, lenok lives.

It’s a long fish with small scales, to break the whole body. The body she’s all «freckles», round spots, are they even on the fins.

Different Goldilocks and a large mouth with strong teeth.

Often come across individuals Lenka weigh 4 kg, but, of course, there are large specimens up to 8 kg of weight.


Goldilocks is a predator. Despite the growth of 5 cm, fry of this fish eating other fish eggs and fry.

Reaching a size of 25 cm, little Goldilocks is a real pest and destroys the young trout.

For growth you need a lot of feed, that’s Goldilocks and eats everything: frogs, young fish, even small waterfowl.

May – the spawning period of this predator. Spawning takes place in the spawning grounds of trout. After spawning, Goldilocks goes to the usual place in the shallows, to the pits at depth. In shallow water Goldilocks comes quite by accident, in search of food.

One cannot complain about those two weeks, which occur immediately after spawning Lenka, biting then sometimes great, but short. The break comes before the end of summer. Second, the decline in Kleve was seen in late autumn.

Most often she has to extract from the bottom from the surface or at half depth he goes rarely.

Catchability is defined as the vision, the morning and evening. Trolling using 5 – 8cm, but painted «allowance» work better.

If the water is fast, you can catch lenok fly fishing. In this way lure the fish out of her hiding places.

If the pond is deep, then take the fish immediately to the bottom. Baits can serve as a dry fly, «lazy fish» as well as artificial freckles. Local fishermen attachments to inanimate boost these grasshoppers or worms.

Caught Lenka and a fishing rod with a float. Post to places where you can stand fish.

Prepare the tackle durable fishing line should be free and good to go with coils.

The float is taken with understated colouring: brown, grey or black. Since posting doing 70 m, fishing need, besides patience, good eyesight.

Because of the rapid flow of the tackle improve by adding weights: the smaller size is attached to the hook, a bigger one is closer to the float.

If the river is clean, then use a ground rod. It should be shipped in the form of a bullet. To sinkers, at a distance of half a meter, attach the leash.

As the nozzle, take the pieces of fish, worms. The nozzle needs to play well, otherwise the desired result will not.

Goldilocks, though omnivorous, but like those fish that live in the pack and that he used to hunt.

Catchability is considered to be alive Dace and period.

Bite Lenka may be omitted inadvertently. Caddis the fish takes the hook nice and easy. As soon as Goldilocks feels the hook, it begins to actively and aggressively quit your job.

When you output you need to use a landing net with a handle length of five feet. Fish weighing up to 7 kg will rush over, attempt to hit the fishing line, aim for the shore. Fisherman should not tighten the line and not let her in a free state, and find the average tension to bring the catch to shore.

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