Go for the carp, little tricks

As it would seem, what could be easier than to fish carp. However, often in the summer, usually June-early July, one gets the feeling that the whole carp in the lake or pond extinct.

And it almost does, for after spawning, carp are hard to rest, preferring to just stand in the pits and rarely go out for search of food.

Let’s just say that at this time he did not want to have forces to spawn had spent so much that he just does not want to move in search of food. And at this moment, from the angler considerable effort is required to catch. Sometimes all day can not see the bite of this fish, and it happens that even in such times, the fisherman returns home with the catch.


So, what’s the secret?

It turns out that everything is quite simple, only if in normal times, the carp looking for food, then in the dead time, the angler needs to find its Parking place. So before you start hunting, the angler must measure the water depth at the site of the planned fishing. And if the selected site has drop offs or deep holes, then you can safely tie rods, most likely, in this place, and is tired carp. If the bottom is smooth, no vibrations at depth, in most cases, this is where the carp currently will not take.

And if the angler found the right place, it’s worth thinking about how to get carp to ask and be interested in the proposed dishes. You just need to pick up the bait and the nozzle. As bait you can use soaked dried bread and barley in small quantities. They razmeshivatsya in the bucket with the coastal mud. Ride tight balls of this mixture and throw to the point where there will be a float angler. It should be said about the bait. Because in this period, carp slowly and reluctantly takes the worm is to prevent bites roach and other small fish should be excluded from worm baits. The more effectively you can use a regular spool of bread flavoured with anise oil or sprinkled with fennel seeds. Often instead of anise and fennel, fishermen use a sweet bait in the bait by adding honey or sugar. Trying to impress the carp, and it is known to be quite an interesting fish and a real foodie. And finally, it is worth to say that the rod needs to be configured so that the fisherman could carry out long casts, because still most of the pits are far from the shore. And if all conditions are met, it is likely that fishing even in such a difficult to catch carp time and then go home with a catch.

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