Go for carp, carp fishing secrets

The carp inhabits many ponds, almost all the lakes and ponds where live carp, there are carp. Consider the main points that you need to know in order to catching this fish was successful.


Carp like the deepest places of ponds with small or with standing water, the bottom of the reservoir in its habitat, usually muddy. However, carp are good, and a solid bottom, if only it was rocky.

Fishing for carp will be much more successful at an abandoned quarry for the extraction of bulk minerals, excluding quarries where they extracted gravel or stone. But the most successful fishing for carp is on grassy lakes, fish is very good.

Carp loves the warm water. The best fishing for carp, it happens in the summer when the water is moderately warm.

At this time carp is in shallow water. Fishing for carp very successful in the summer, if you fish in ponds, creeks, valley reservoirs, lakes, etc., because the fishing and the carp, unlike carp, or as not compatible with pools that have an intense course.

The favourite habitats of carp are flooded fields and meadows.

Summer carp stands at a depth of from two to five meters, and by the beginning of autumn goes to a depth of about ten meters, and is closer by the winter — fall even deeper, so the best time for fishing this summer.

Mid-may starts fishing for carp, and ends in September. In places where the water in the reservoir cools down very quickly, fishing for carp can last until September and even later.

Carp like muddy water, so fishing is more successful in slightly turbid waters with moderate muddy bottom.

In the Sunny spring and summer days to catch this fish on a float or floating bait near the bottom.

For carp fishing from the bottom pretty good feeder. Of baits for feeder fishing is a very good Boyle, while in the Russian waters fishing for carp on boilies not very popular.

Sometimes in the summer months, the carp rises to the water surface, because he likes the heat. Catching it at this point, you floating on the water surface bait.

A very successful carp fishing takes place in flooded meadows and quarries, with a light breeze and small ripples on the surface of the water.

When a strong wind blows to catch carp is almost useless, but still you can try to catch fish in places with muddy Bank.

As bait use worms, bread, potatoes, canned corn, steamed peas.

Carp and bream caught on better in advance lured. If you are going for a party, then the bait fall asleep from the previous day,and in extreme cases, early in the morning. If scheduled, the fishing in the morning, when most caught carp well, you feed it in the evening.

On the lure you use any feed grains — wheat, rye, peas. Some foods are better to keep to feed the fish familiar food while fishing.

Carp — fish is very cautious and distrustful, so while fishing on the banks can not in any case to make noise. Otherwise, you can wind up the gear and go home – the carp will not work and fishing will not. Don’t dress in bright clothes, carp may just be scared.

The clothes should be invisible to fish and is convenient for fishing.

Carp bite similar to the bite of roach and bream. Carp slightly move the float aside. By the time the bite manifests itself in a weak twitch of the bobber, or a small dip or spinning in one place. In such cases, the faster you make the cutting, the better.

For the detention of large specimens of carp braided fishing line is used to get a big fish on a regular very difficult, or line must be sufficiently thick that it often scares the carp when he tries the bait.

Of durable and soft braided fishing line you’ll eliminate these problems, but do not forget that the network almost does not stretch and all manipulations with the rod immediately sent to its hook. Therefore, when cutting you need to be extremely careful.


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